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1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers

Article about: The Winnipeg Grenadiers were first raised on April,1 ,1908 and were disbanded on February, 28 ,1965 during WW II they saw active service abroad were the Regiment was stationed in Jamaica and

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    A real stunner Mark, hard to beat one like this.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Hi Mark, what a great helmet, not only flashed, but with a real authentic "battle worn" look to it. Wiki states the unit served at the Battle of Hong Kong and in S.E Asia.(which I am sure you knew already) Leon.
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    Thanks Jerry and Leon it is most welcome in my collection and IMO will be a hard one to top Aaron I was scouring the net this morning and came up with another example of a Canadian RCASC Mk II that was just listed for sale I thought you might like to see a couple of shots of the textured camo for comparison.
    The seller stated it was found with a large rubber strap inside the liner that was rather confusing at first till he realized that the wear on the exterior of the shell was consistent with the band he feels it was used to cover up the flash while the soldier was in the field I will Email him and ask for a couple of images of the strap applied to the helmet as he has not posted any on his website.

    Regards Mark
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers   1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers  

    1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers  
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Hi Mark, congratulations to you on acquiring this wonderful helmet. It's a definite 'top shelfer'. Thanks also for taking the time to post the history of Winnipeg Grenadiers

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

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    im really fond of this example mark the camo scheme shows some real character and with the decal present of which reminds me of the french flaming bomb insignia makes for a real nice addition to your fine collection of commonwealth helmets

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    Many thanks Tony and James I have spent a bit of time over the last week discussing the regiment and its history with a few Canadian collectors and items tied to the regiment infrequently come up for sale in the market place so very pleased to have it.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    im pleased you managed to pick one of these up mark especially as they dont come along very often ,i find the flaming bomb insignia fascinating and to think how many countries and there respective regiments used it

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    Good morning Gents I felt I should share something rather extraordinary there has been a rather interesting turn of events concerning this particular Mk II flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers it would seem.
    I have very little free time as I spend most of my time at work and in the field so not as much time for research as I would like but I am home on my days off now so I have a little free time on my hands for correspondence as collectors on the rare occasion we are able to tie direct providence to a piece from are collection to the man or woman it was issued to and or were the piece may have been used I have been honored to have had the rare opportunity to talk to the actual Veteran that used this particular Mk II .
    I was fortunate enough to get in contact with the original owner of the helmet Cpl G Peterson through the Hong Kong Veterans of Canada Association whom I might add is 92 years old and sharp as a whip I talked to him on the telephone last night and had a very interesting conversation with him about his involvement during the battle of Hong Kong but I guess I should start at the beginning .
    About ten days ago I started to research the Mk II that I have in my collection that is flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers and found a mountain of information on the man on line including his war diaries as published on the Hong Kong Veterans of Canada Associations website .
    So yesterday morning continuing with my research I contacted the HKVCA secretary Jim Trick who then forwarded an Email with images to Juliet Lafortune the Prairie Regional Directer whom is a personal friend of Mr Peterson as her father and him served together and were good friends she then forwarded my questions regarding the providence and history of the helmet to Mr Peterson as he has no internet .
    He has confirmed that this Mk II belonged to him and that the writing on the inside was carved there near the rim for him by one of his two friends and very likely a man named Kelso .
    Mr Peterson had a few questions for me in return though the first question being how I acquired this helmet as he laid it down on the ground in Hong Kong on December 25 1941 after the order was given to lay down all arms and surrender to the Japanese.
    How on Earth did this helmet ever make it home to Canada from Hong Kong as none of the lads returned from the battle all the men involved with the capitulation of the Regiment were made guests of the Empire of Japan and served out the next four years as POW.
    With Mr Petersons permission I include a few excerpts of his service records,war diaries, and a few images .
    There was some discussion early on In the New Year to make arrangements to send the helmet to Mr Peterson so that he may have the opportunity to handle it one last time and take some photos for the St, Vital Historical Society wear his war time BD is on display the one he would have been issued after his repatriation at the end of the war.

    Regt No /Rank / Last Name / First Name /Second Names /Company Platoon /Military Dst /Original Town / Prov

    6082 /Cpl / Peterson /George /Nelson / E /MD 10 /St, Vital / MB
    1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers
    The text as seen below was in Cpl, Petersons actual words before editing I thought it more appropriate to leave it in this format.
    My story Begins October 25 th , 1941 When l'autre along with 914 officers & men of the Winnipeg Grenadiers we boarded the train was in Winnipeg That Would carry us to the west cost to Vancouver, BC. There We Were joined by 100 officers (Including two nursing sisters) and men attached to Brigade Headquarters, plus Infantry Regiment Reviews another from Quebec, the Royal Rifles of Canada With Their 962 officers and men for a total of 1977 Canadian volontaires Who Then est devenu Known As "C" Force. Commanded by a Man ​​Who Recently HAD beens Promoted up from the rank of Lt / Col To That of a Brigadier to lead our small brigade. Was this man Brigadier JK Lawson, he Was a career officer and a veteran of WW One, and Was stationed in Ottawa.

    One of the jobs Brigadier Lawson HAD Performed in Ottawa hand Was the grading of all army units stationed in Canada Then, class "A" Were battle ready, "B" could be made battle ready with a little more training and "C" Should be used for Garrison duty only. Both the WG's and RR's Were Placed in the category lathing, Was this the reason We Were designated as "C" Force?

    On our arrival at the west coast of the majorité the members of "C" Force numbering about 1,857 troops Were ordered to board a ship moored That Was to the dock in Vancouver, the HMNZS Awatea. The Awatea Was a form New Zealand luxury liner plying her trade entre her home harbor in New Zealand & Canada HAD room for 377 and 1 st class 150 tourist class and 38 3 rd class passengers and her crew. Were our officers put up in state rooms but for l'autre ranks it Was a different story, we were very cramped and slept in hammocks slung That Were just about every where and Even Above our mess tables. The balance of "C" Force of Approximately 120 officers & men's RR of the Were put on board the HMCS Prince Robert, our escort vessel.
    Both vessel left Vancouver on the evening of October 27 th and our travel HAD Begun. We made ​​one stop in Hawaii to take on fresh food supplies as the refrigeration system on the Awatea HAD broken down and After These supplies Were we loaded on board the carried on with our journey, Reviews arriving in the British Colony of Hong Kong the morning of November 16 th . The Colony Was in the two parts of Hong Kong Island Itself & What Was Known As the New Colony Was in two parts of the Island Hog Kong Itself & What Was Known As the New Territories on the mainland called Expired Kowloon. We docking at the mainland side We Were OnD to our barracks named Sham Shui Po & Took up residence. We were greeted very heartily by the people of the colony & Any one talking about being white imminent war with the Japanese Empire Were Responded to with it Will Never Happen They Would not dare attack the British Empire. How They Were wrong.

    I Was a Cpl in charging section of a platoon of 13 in "D" company in the Grenadiers When We landed in Hong Kong & around the end of November received orders to report to the Command Gymnasium on the Island,to take share in a physical training course, to re-Qualify as a PT instructor. THUS, this Is Where I Was on the morning of December 8 th When The Japanese attacked This Hong Kong by bombing various targets on the mainland Kai Tak airport Such As Where our small antique Air Force obsolete Was time immediately destroyed while still on the ground. Some aussi They bombed oil storage tanks & A Few dropped bombs on our barracks of Sham Shui Po & About did Some damage to the naval docks on the island.

    DURING this air raid all staff Taking the PT racing Were ordered to pack our gear & carry back to our respective units for further Top orders. My company Was on the island at a site called Expired Wong Nei Chong Gap, This Was aussi Where our Brigadier Lawson HAD set up Canadian Brigade Head Quarters qui Was Known As West Brigade now with Him in load. The Canadian units HAD-been separated with the Royal Rifles being white Placed in East Brigade under the command of a British Brigadier. I have just Often Wondered how much we follow Could Have Fought The Japanese fighting with all Canadians under Canadian command. The reason this issue is my answer asking After our capitulation, We Were Told by more than one Japanese officer That They Would Rather Fight against unites Any Other than to go up Against the Canadians.

    On reporting in order to my company Nei Chong Gap Has Won again I Took over command of my section and got-settled in, only to be ordered A Few days later to turn over command of my section to Cpl Charlie Smith and pack up again to report to an area of ​​what I think Was Wan Chai Gap to Become a member of a newly FORMED reinforcement company. Was Charlie Wong Nei Chong killed at When The Japanese landed on the island attacked This & the Gap, THUS splitting our defense lines in two. At Wan Chai could I Was in load of a group of men and our job guarding Was the supply of a big dump of mostly fuel & ammunition. The Gap Was quite Often shelled by the enemy fire from the mainland & We Could hear the shells coming in, luckily for us the only round landed in the dump That Proved to Be a dud.
    At times We Were aussi taken to different parts of the island to try to stem the advance of the enemy. One of These Times We Were I remember in an area Wong Nei Chong Gap Above in an Attempt to try to retake the Gap goal Were Repulsed & more ounce Were forced to fall back. It Was DURING this time I received an order from a British officer to take a group of men up to a police station Overlooked That a cross roads (Wan Flesh?) & To guard the area at all costs, while the others fell back. I remember I Was scared as men Were My goal year order is an order. Just before We Were Shift to proceed. Hook "D" company ordered arrived on the Abebooks web sites szene & We Were doing what & when Informed of my orders, His first words to me Were "Bullshit if one falls back we all fall back" We Did not Need Any further Top encouragement & retreated with the rest. We ended up in one of the mansions on What Was Known As We Were the Peak & reliable obtenir to a later meal & a good nights sleep, the first in what HAD Seemed to Be a very long time.
    One of These Reviews another Forays That Proved To Be This Time We Were false taken to a Pill Box on the waterfront That Was armed with a Vickers Machine Gun & the crew HAD fired at What They Believed Was an enemy ship Attempting to land on the island, with the result being white the destruction of one of our own ammunition boats manned by the members of the Royal Navy. This Was Reviews another mistake Caused by the Lack of proper communication qui all too Occurred Frequently in the battle for Hong Kong.

    The last skirmish I Was Involved in Occurred Christmas Eve we Bennet's Hill qui Was more of a ridge than a hill in front of Aberdeen water tank, We Were dug in pretty well & HAD beens saving Some food for a good Christmas dinner qui We Were all looking forward to When The Japanese Decided to attack. After much bloodshed, yelling & screaming We Were forced to Withdraw again, if our plane forced to retreat Was to open up on the area We Were vacating with three Vickers Machine guns Placed in position on the other side of the tank.
    Our Christmas Dinner was lost to the enemy goal He Was made to pay a very high cost for same. The next day orders to lay down our arms & surrender to the Japanese arrived & the war for us Was over, and our fight for survival over the next 4 years Almost HAD Begun.

    Other of the my experiences in the battle for Hong Kong and the aftermath of Being in enemy hands I have tried my best to forget, Some memories to no avail. I have never related thesis --other to-any person, nor will i ever, Every once in awhile I experience a nightmare & all the memories return.
    1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers
    Although not reflected above and or mentioned Cpl Peterson was given a field promotion and made a Sgt while serving in the theater of operations while in Hong Kong
    1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiers

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    some good information .

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    Amazing that you've found the original owner Mark and even better that he is still alive. Did he tell you more about when and where the camo was made?

    Great story btw.

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