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1942 NZ MKII Helmet

Article about: I've had this piece for a little while now, and I'm fairly happy with it - it is for the most part complete and in fairly good condition (I think!) for the price I got it for. It's stamped 1

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    I just had a good look, can't see the broad arrow. NZ helmets also had a raw edge and used Australian liners (including Dunlop) I can't make out a clear CS (only perhaps a very faint, outline, quite a bit smaller than the batch number but I cant be sure) I agree with you on the helmet being Aussie though on that I cant see the nPz stamp - I'll have to take a proper look with the liner out (speaking of which, how do I go about removing the liner?)

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    Mick, my understanding of NZ helmets (which is not much by the way) is the NZP chin strap lugs was the only part of the helmet that was made in New Zealand.The rest being Oz steel & British /Oz liners.
    Also I thought an Australian helmet issued to NZ had an ink NZP stamp inside?

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    Yes i think thats right Aaron,although ive never seen the ink stamp that sounds plausible,they might have put that there when they installed the nPz lugs.

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    Unless I can actually find anything to identify it properly as Kiwi or Aussie, this will keep bothering me! It is quite dusted up inside the tin, so I might go and give it a whipe with a towel - see if I can spot anything

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    Have a look at this site,Mate
    It might put your mind at ease.

    Mk.II - New Zealand - The Brodie Helmet and its derivatives

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    Seems to be an Aussie tin for sure, it looks like my hunt for a local tin is still on

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