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2 other recently purchased british helmets. info on different hessians if poss. please!

Article about: I purchased these recently for my collection and would appreciate any information regarding the 2 different hessian types. the lid with the Indian artillery patch and dressing also came with

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    Quote by Shadwellarmy View Post
    Never seen those rivets before, could it be field made?

    Early on Indian troops bound for North Africa and the Middle East were primarily issued South African helmets, however I've read somewhere that India did produce mkII type helmets towards the end of the war, but I've never actually seen one.

    Photos of Indian net from India MkII - Brendon's Helmets

    Attachment 680660

    Attachment 680661

    The hessian cover looks like the army standard type.

    Btw. Very good price. I've seen an early homefront lid with hessian cover go for more than 150 quid on ebay last year.
    do you mean hessian on Indian lid or fitted type Mads?
    awesome pics mate cheeeeeeers!

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    Quote by Anon View Post
    Thanks, but it was the markings on the shell that I was interested in seeing. both liners are MKI type, early or pre war.
    sorry no joy Anon

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    Quote by TommiTank View Post
    do you mean hessian on Indian lid or fitted type Mads?
    awesome pics mate cheeeeeeers!
    The fitted type.

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