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$20 PASGT helmet?

Article about: I may have found another PASGT... The seller said he doesn't know anything about the helmet, so I'm going to assume the price will be negotiable.

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    Default $20 PASGT helmet?

    I found an add on Craigslist, for a PASGT devils lake manufactured helmet for $20 usd! I recently acquired a flak vest and hot weather boots (including a nice story) for $50, and this is the last item to complete my bdu uniform. Hopefully the man isn't a phycopath and I will come out victorious, and ready to continue my WW2 infantryman uniform.

    Here is the link, nothing too suspicious here I hope: Army Helmet Devil Lake Sioux Tribe @@!@!@!@!!#@!@#!#@!@GREAT SHAP!!@@@

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Please post the photo to the forum rather than a link.

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    [ PASGT helmet? PASGT helmet? PASGT helmet? PASGT helmet? PASGT helmet?

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Looks good. Let us know how the deal pans out! I found one in the garbage at the recycling facility that my parents own and I gave it to my buddy:

     PASGT helmet?

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Thanks, I'm on my way to pick it up now. I'm going to make some misc. stops on the way, so I'll probably be back at 9:00 est.
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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Well, I'm back from picking it up. Everything worked out great; the helmet is sitting right next to me right now. I will post some pics of it as soon as I can find time.

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    I'm in the process of cleaning the helmet right now, I stripped it down and am soaking the suspension straps and chinstrap in a mild detergent solution. I'm not only doing this because of the smell of smoke, but because of the color as well. The OD webbing was literaly black with smoke, and quickly turned the water it's soaking in to a sickly grey color. I put baking powder on the leather sweat band to get rid of the odor as well.

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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Mighty fine score for $20, well done
    Any thoughts on the reason for the smokey smell and staining?


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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Was it in a house fire ? Still a great score for $20.

    Lol - Joe, let me know if you find any more
    of these lids.........!


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    Default Re: $20 PASGT helmet?

    Thanks guys, I suppose I should have been more specific; the man was a smoker whom I bought it from. I've already reinstalled the webbing and chinstrap, but I'm waiting on the sweatband. I was letting it soak in baking soda when rain came, which absorbed much of the yellow nicotine pigment. I was unaware of the pigment residing in the leather, and with most of it gone I decided to wrap it in dryer sheets to soak up what's left of the smelll. Afterwards I may recondition the leather, but I'm not sure on that. The chinstrap is a bit faded, which I believe is my fault from soaking it

    Other than that I think it will come out fine! Here's some of my cleaning pics:

     PASGT helmet?  PASGT helmet?
     PASGT helmet?  PASGT helmet?
    Some cosmetic damage that was there when I bought it, but I don't mind:
     PASGT helmet?  PASGT helmet?
     PASGT helmet?
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