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Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

Article about: Mick, I have found another one that I believe shows clear evidence of U.S. civil defense use, I posted it up on GHW. Link: Board Message

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    Default Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Spotted this on Ebay last night and thought it odd or maybe I'm still just way on the low end of the learning curve, but I though these Air Raid Warden Brodies were just Brit however, this one is stamped that it is made in Pittsburge, PA

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    Someone set me straight on this please!

    Russ & Son

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Interesting helmet..I do believe the US had its own civil defence in place during ww2.Just not as hard pressed as they were in the UK!

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Yes NCA, the US did have it's own CD helmet during and after the war, I've got one I'm trying to get ride of as a matter of fact.

    One of the experts will chime in, I'm sure, with the real story behind this lid!


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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    This one was used in Canada maybe...

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Hey Fellas,does anyone else have any info on this type of lid?
    I just Bought it

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Hey Mick, I had hoped that one of the experts would have chimed in on this one by now as I too was interested in this helmet. I've done a little digging and what I have surmised (and this is loosely based on nothing but my own pieced together opinion) is that maybe these helmets were supplied to England, by the US,early in the war as they do in fact appear to have been made in the US, likely from surplus M1917's, using a non-military liner. I've seen a couple old listings on the net that kind of support this theory but again, it's just a theory. The US didn't use the Doughboy for CD too long, they developed a whole new type of CD helemt, and from what I gather, even the early US Doughboy style CD helmets were painted the standard OCD white and had the standard US OCD insignias on the front.

    I'm thinking this lid is a pretty good example but I'd sure like to see the opinion of some of the real experts here. I was bidding on another brodie style CD lid, at the same time (whick I didn't win , so I had to pass on this one. Glad you won the bid and I hope you enjoy.



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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Thanks Russ,i cant wait to get it in hand so i can have a really good look at it.Until then,as you say ill have to do some research on it.
    A period picture would be good,but that might be asking too much,it could be anything, like a yank went to England with his old lid and joined the ARP.Who Knows
    Cheers Mick

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Mick, Did the lid come in yet and did you learn anything new about it?

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    G'Day Russ,
    Yes i got the helmet,really fast postage actually.
    The best scenario at the moment is that it might be a privately bought US helmet used as a wardens lid in Canada.Thanks to a member on GHW ive seen another with same stamp,and it appears they were private purchase helmets and used by anyone who needed a protective helmet in WW2 and were not issued one by the authorities or were not happy with the one they were issued,as it seems the liner was a factor, as it was more comfortable than the regular style.
    Pure conjecture but seems feasible
    Anyway i like it,and as i said thats the reason i wanted it because its an enigma.
    Cheers Mate,if i eventually do discover its origin ill let you know.

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    Default Re: Air Raid Wardens Helmet Made In US???

    Very good Mick and if I happen to stumble on to more info, I will pass along as well.


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