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Another EBay beauty

Article about: Another fine example by military trader on eBay.

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    Thats actually quite a valid point Pluto,reversed psychology seems to be the order of the day,for some strange reason if you have a few thousand feedback and you've got military in your ebay name everybody thinks they must know what there talking about.

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    I am simply not bothering any more about exposing these fakes,if these kind of people want to spend their hard earned cash on rubbish then it's their lookout.

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    Quote by pluto View Post
    I don't think a lot of people take notice of this forum,that cow pat(as that's what Mr Flitter made that helmet look like) has already reached a price of£134,no doubt it will go for much more,maybe people think that when fakes like that are exposed in this forum,they must think that we want to discourage them in bidding so we can bid on them ourselves, like someone said ,it,s only good as a flower pot now!!!
    It is simply that there are far-more collectors out there than actually bother with these forums. Many are so confident in their own ability that they never even bother to seek advice. And lets face it, from time to time, the advice on here has been questionable to say the least! It isn't that long ago we had a disgruntled member, who had his TR items removed from the classified section because a mod decided they were fakes - which they weren't.
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    You've hit the nail right on the head there Harry,and not everyone here is an expert ( I certainly am not) ,but you must be a real novice to pay silly money for such obvious fakes,

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    Now i'm a novice!!!!so whats wrong Jerry with the Gliders fibre helmet?thought they wore those or now is it my turn to get my coat???

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    Please expand on these Jerry, I'm a helmet novice too.


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    That HCDR is an post war one, the GP badge is an obvious fake.
    I notice that the Scots guard bandwagon is still rolling on, a well known dealer on militaria mart has another fake one.

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    Quote by ruddersrangers44 View Post
    Now i'm a novice!!!!so whats wrong Jerry with the Gliders fibre helmet?thought they wore those or now is it my turn to get my coat???
    The paint job and the painted pilots wing in particular are obviously shite IMO The other helmet has the same craapy overpaint

    Both have rare insignia on them and very similar overpaints which when combined with who the seller is makes both as iffy as a very iffy thing


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Got to tell a funny story,i sold a Helmet bout a month ago,then yesterday i was scrolling through ebay and there it was back on sale but its been doctored up as something its not,based on its current bid there ain't gonna be no profit so the point was????apart from altering something thats been left for decades,anyway just thought i would add this as it did make me chuckle......

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