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Asbestos and Brodie Helmets.

Article about: Hello fellow collectors, I have recently purchased (but not yet received) a very nice WW1 Brodie Helmet that appears from the photo's to be in great condition and also has a very nice red in

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    CBH is online now


    Well on the subject, WWI & WWII gas masks may also contain Asbestos and should never be breathed through.
    Cheers Chris

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    But seriously Mate,the amount of Asbestos fibre contained in the the pad is negligible and will cause no harm.I understand your concern after your neighbours fate but it is highly unlikely that you will contract any illness from a static source.Enjoy the Lid it looks good.

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    I hear you Mick. Thanks for the reply.

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    Thank you for all of the replies. I am feeling more confident that it should be fine as long as it's not messed with.

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    Up against the top of the helmet is a piece of muslin, then there is the asbestos pad, then the rubber ring, and then the wool felt pad. The felt pad in yours is in good shape, so any asbestos would have to somehow become friable under the pad, then filter through a good centimeter of felt to become an airborne hazard. How's that going to happen?

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    aef1917 I think it is plausible but highly unlikely particularly as it will be in a display cabinet and I may also use some fixative as suggested. The wool felt pad if secured with a fixative should be fine as a protectant. I've been reading a bit about asbestos and it seems that it takes multiple exposures from large amounts to be a real threat. I don't handle my helmets very much and will be extra cautious with the knowledge about asbestos. Thanks for the reply.

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    A year later after this thread was active I found it, its very helpful to me, I am thinking about getting a ww1 American helmet and was concerned about the asbestos but this thread has made me more confident to put it on display with the rest of my helmets if I purchase it.
    Much thanks to everyone who participated in this thread.

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