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British helmet

Article about: Few picks of what looks to be maybe unissued as no wear to liner, the lace also seems to have never been tied.

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    There's always one helmet that comes along & puts a spanner in the works. But as a general rule from 39 they were painted black for use on the home front, the only thing is it's a Mk2 No.1 meaning it's military grade. Although we don't have any information to go on, I think some like this might have been used by the UK anti-aircraft divisions, & also by the navy.
    Here's one even dated later, F&L 1944, but might be a Mk3? but it should be textured paint?
    Attached Images Attached Images British helmet 

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    May be, it appears to me that the Navy has used helmets as mine.


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    Would mine be military grade as it has 1/1939

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    I think yes, but I'm not sure; let's hear what he says tinlid, who knows more about the subject.

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    Yours will be military grade as it's a Mk2 No.1, whereas the Mk2 No.2's with 1-4 holes in the brim were made of either manganese rejects or mild steel.
    The I above the 1939 does mean Mk1, it should have been replaced by II for Mk2, but is often seen.

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