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British MK2

Article about: Hi! A friend of mine asked for help about this one, but how I do not know much about this I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance.

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    Default British MK2

    Hi! A friend of mine asked for help about this one, but how I do not know much about this I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks in advance.

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Name:	capacete-ingls-original-segunda-guerra_MLB-F-3379677021_112012d.jpg 
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Name:	capacete-ingls-original-segunda-guerra_MLB-F-3379677523_112012.jpg 
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Name:	capacete-ingls-original-segunda-guerra_MLB-F-3379677992_112012.jpg 
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Name:	capacete-ingls-original-segunda-guerra_MLB-F-3379678992_112012c.jpg 
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Name:	capacete-ingls-original-segunda-guerra_MLB-F-3379679816_112012b.jpg 
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ID:	447474

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    Default Re: British MK2

    A BMB ( Briggs Motor Bodies) 1942 dated shell, the Mk2 liner CCL. Not sure about the paint, could be post war, or even from another Country. Can you make out the writing on the cruciform pad.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    Thanks Aaron. Sorry but these are the only photos I received. I tried to use the zoom, but I can't understand what is written.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    Looks like a nice original helmet to me. I would of thought the paintwork was probably also original.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    Humm, so there is a doubt about the painting... It would be very important to have more opinions about it. I think it's a crucial question. And any problem about the liner marks 1944 in a 1942 shell? I know now that the asking price is about USD$ 350,00.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    $350! thats a lot of money for a british Mk2. helmet.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    I'd have my doubts at $50, the net maybe WW2 or could be post war, the nut & bolt holding the liner in are a bit shiny which is not always a problem but there's no dust or build up of dirt from 60-70 years. The liner is very worn whereas the inside of the shell is not, the paint on the outside is quite shiny where an army helmet should be textured. Just to many little things not quite right, & for that price way to much.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    Tinlid might well be right about the paint- its difficult to be sure in the pictures, especially as we cant even be sure if the colour has been reproduced correctly. But we agree about the price. I have several nice examples of these helmets and have paid 40-60 each, (perhaps thats about $60-$100?) so this is ridiculously expensive even if the paint was authentic.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    Thanks a lot guys for the comments and help.

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    Default Re: British MK2

    I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole for 350$. 50$ is pushing it already.


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