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British Mk2 Helmet

Article about: andy your recent brit aquisition got me thinking about my examples ,particulary the liner configuration ,ive just looked and realised i have the earlier mk1 liner in my wardens helmet ,so iv

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    this heelmt seems a bit more crisp under the bream then the top.

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    I saw this the latter example on the other forum for sale. If you notice the RA flash is in a rectangle, which is correct for Canadian RA units and for the British it would be a Diamond (square on its point). The extra buffers mean it has a smaller liner, or at least that is how it works on British lids, as the shells are all the same size and to allow for the different size liners the number of buffers is reduced to suit the larger size liners.

    The seller states with this one that it is likely to be a late war or early post war refurb!


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    could be swedish? flash

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    Cheers Jerry, I didn't notice that caveat about the refurb....... oops. Thanks for looking folks. Glad the first lid is all OK

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    Congrats with the lid, mate

    I do believe this is a nice early example, might be BEF, please correct me if Im wrong.

    Cheers, Mads

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    That would be very cool to be able to say it was BEF. I suppose the '39 production says possibly, perhaps it did indeed wait in those long lines out to sea off the beach of Dunkirk. Maybe a couple of my earlier German lids chased at his heels.

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    Great looking British MKII Andy
    I want to get one of these to sit next to my Aussie MKII, and hope to get one as nice as yours.
    I think I am going to need a good dose of patience though.


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    A really nice Helmet, I haven't seen a MK2 this nice for a long time, thanks for sharing

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    now how did i miss this thread andy ,thanks for showing your superb example and a real nice addition to your collection

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    A Very nice lid Andy I do notice that your liner and dome pad are slightly different than my 1942 Canadian Mk II liner manufactured by Viceroy
    IMO your helmet has the earlier Mk I liner system the new Mk II liner systems started to be produced in late 1939 .
    I am envious I am still looking to add a early war produced helmet to my collection with the Mk I style of liner and dome pad.

    Update: One other small detail I noticed about your helmet it has the earlier Mk I liner securing nut and bolt which was introduced in January of 1938 there would be three variations of the securing nut and bolt manufactured during the war years.

    Regards Mark K
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture British Mk2 Helmet  

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