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British Mk2 Helmet

Article about: andy your recent brit aquisition got me thinking about my examples ,particulary the liner configuration ,ive just looked and realised i have the earlier mk1 liner in my wardens helmet ,so iv

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    Default British Mk2 Helmet

    Hi guys, here is my one example of a Mk2. I thought I needed at least one to counter the growing herd of German lids. I believe it is in all WW2 spec, but please correct me if I'm wrong. My collecting field is usually at the other end of an Enfield.

    British Mk2 HelmetBritish Mk2 HelmetBritish Mk2 HelmetBritish Mk2 HelmetBritish Mk2 Helmet

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    Good looking helmet Andy. Wish I could help ya but my knowledge of these is on the same level as my knowledge of aerospace engineering.

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    i think andy this is a nice ww2 example.

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    A nice example of an WW2 army Mk2

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    Yep.All good!

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    you just need a good ww2 m1 and a good ww2 french adrian helmet to make sure your german helmets dont take over. ha ha

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    Thanks guys, I would like a wartime lid from the other major players lid too at some point, but the Germans will always heavily outnumber anything else

    One quick Q to you commonwealth guys; should a Canadian Mk2 have smooth semi glossy green paint? The one in question also has a red/blue RA flash. Would Canadian troops use the same flash as the British Army Royal Artillery?

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    did the canadian mk2 helmet have the same liner pad.

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    Thats exactly what im after Andy but surprisingly more difficult to get as the vast majority on ebay are all nearly all home front/ARP issued types,great looking example you own.........Jake.

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    Looking at the pics again now the Canadian one seems more brown. The liner has more bumpers around the edge of the shell, and the crown pad is different.

    British Mk2 HelmetBritish Mk2 Helmet

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