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British MkIII Turtle pattern helmet

Article about: Hello Ade, Here's a post war Turtle given to me by a friend who found it in a garage. Mk IV 1954, manufactured by CCL. Do you know who CCL were? Cheers, Guy.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to this forum.
    I read up on all the great info posted here and it only added more questions or should I say mystery to my new helmet.
    I helped my mate build a shed recently and he offered to buy me a couple of bottles of Gin.
    Being the great friend I am I said don't worry about the booze, but if you really want to thank me there's a turtle helmet I saw for sale. $50.
    I thought it was a MKIII, maybe late 40's and looked in good nick.
    True to his word my mate came through with the goods.
    I can't find any markings on the shell anywhere, paint is far too thick.
    The liner has 1952 7 1/2 CCL II. Korean war issue/period?
    Is it as simple as that or is there other ways to tell if it's a refit?
    WWII shell with 50's liner? Any indicators to look for or you can see in the pics?
    In some parts where the Green has chipped away, there is what looks like Brownish/Reddish paint, maybe primer coat?
    If someone could please help me out and fill in the blanks or point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

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    The screw top, high side rivets and underlying browny colouring say WW2 / MkIII to me......but the upper (immaculate) paint finish and liner say me at least.

    You'll be lucky to see any stamps (they're usually at the rear (less slopey bit just behind the headband) due to the paint.....but I'd be surprised if it's not a wartime date...and please don't get the heat-gun or Nitromoors out to make sure!

    'really nice piece.....'doesn't look like it saw any post re-furb action but......

    ...well, that's what I think anyway......but there are a lot more others who know more about them.....lets see.......

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    Thanks Composite.
    If only it could talk?! I had a feeling it was a mkIII, But without removing the paint and ruining it we can only say, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...
    It has some wear and tear as if someone has used it, but like you say who's to tell if it saw action? If it did, the wearer really took pride in his kit, or maybe it had a cover/net? Or more likely, never saw action...
    For what it is its a tidy example and will go in the display cabinet with my more favoured lids.
    Best part is its my size.

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    From all that I have read, the Mark III was produced in 1941 (a batch) and in ernest from November '43 to some time in '46. Thus, the shell could be from WWII era or just afterwards. I agree that yours probably has been refurbished and given a newer liner. By the way, this thread demonstrates nicely that (if marked at all) the shell stamps are in the flange at a 90-degree angle from the rim (BMB) or are near and parallel to the rim (other manufacturers). Even if stamped, the paint may have been applied too thickly to discern (a collector's lament). Speaking of paint, collectors have remarked that "the older the Mark III, the lighter green the paint." True of my 1944 but so so true of my 1943 (unless the latter was redone).
    Good luck.

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    the Mk3 production line finished in early 45, the first Mk3's were khaki green, like most military helmets at that time.Then they were factory finish dark brown.

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    Here's mine.

    Liner is a bit battered, but that's how I like them. As it shows they've had good use providing you've purchased off a good honest seller.

    Liner CCL 1943
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170630_150955.jpg 
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    SMP is online now


    Saw 3 early khaki green MKIIIs at the W&P show - unusual to see so many. I bought this one :
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2004_0101wp170226.JPG 
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    There were more than that (no I didn't buy any) yours was probably the pick of the bunch.

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    Hi everyone.
    I think this helmet could interest you.
    It's obviously a MkIII, 1943 dated.
    Colour is poorly applied brown over black paint.

    The liner is unlike the ones I know (I own several British and Belgian MkIIs), without marking except what seems to be a 7 inside one the five flaps.

    And what makes it really interesting is the marking inside the shell:

    BMB Mk III
    V 1 6 1943

    November 1943 is generally stated as the beginning of production so... Would it be a pre-serial helmet?

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    I believe the liner is a reproduction, they are made by Soldier of Fortune, International Military Antiques etc.

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