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British MkIII Turtle pattern helmet

Article about: Hello Ade, Here's a post war Turtle given to me by a friend who found it in a garage. Mk IV 1954, manufactured by CCL. Do you know who CCL were? Cheers, Guy.

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    MK III helmets, minus the liners, were issued to Canadian troops involved with the D Day landings on June 6, 1944. These troops removed the MK II liners from their MK II helmets and installed them in the MK III's.

    All MK III helmets were manufactured by three British companies, BMB, RO&Co & F&L, so the original "brown paint" would not be Canadian.

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    Thank you very much!

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    i have a 58 dated turtle mate just been going through them tonight..its the same as yours but later sock liner and better green paint job i'll send you pics on fb via messenger.

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    Just picked up a nice 1944 BMB MKIII with 1942 VMC liner.
    British MkIII Turtle pattern helmetBritish MkIII Turtle pattern helmetBritish MkIII Turtle pattern helmet

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