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British MkIII Turtle pattern helmet

Article about: Hello Ade, Here's a post war Turtle given to me by a friend who found it in a garage. Mk IV 1954, manufactured by CCL. Do you know who CCL were? Cheers, Guy.

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    Thanks Aaron,its going to be a gamble i think as the pics dont give nothing away,have to think about the risk..............Jake.update-liner has lift dot so not offically a mk111 but still a wartime helmet might still have a punt on it depending on the price..........
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    i have one of these helmets with the high rivet but the maker is different to all of these ones. it says in the liner. 7 VERO II 1944. would anyone no who this maker is.

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    Hello Geelong,

    VERO produced (among others) liners in WW2,. Not the steel shells. Digit 7 is the size.

    The Shells were produced by: Biggs Motor Bodies (BMB) and Rubery Owen & Co (RO CO).


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    F&L (Fisher & Ludlow Ltd ) also produced the Mk3, VERO stands for Everett W Vero & Co.
    I think the Mk4 is an interesting helmet to have & especially when marked as a Mk3, as they were made during WW2. But doubt they got to the front liner before the war ended.

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    Ok thanks. Ill post some images it just was to dark last night thanks agin mark

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    heres some images i think you can say this helmet is in a salty condition. and its ashame that its missing the center pad. i can make out a stamp in the shell but couldent get a image. got home from work to late again. i think it says RO&CO but could be vero. thanks for looking.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P1050818.jpg 
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    The shell is an RO&Co or F&L made one, so the date/maker name will be horizontal to the rim somewhere on the inside.

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    Quote by tinlid View Post
    The shell is an RO&Co or F&L made one, so the date/maker name will be horizontal to the rim somewhere on the inside.
    thanks tinlid for you help on this. when i get the chance ill see if i can find it. and try not to break the liner.

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    Some years back I acquired a Turtle helmet, but as it had a ridiculous coat of Kermit-green paint applied in recent times I put it in the attic as a 'future project' . Recently came across it again whilst searching for something else and as I had recently been messing around with paint, I decided to see what I could do with it. I started by wearing back the green paint with paint thinner on a rag and eventually uncovered a patch of the chocolate brown. Realising that the brown was not dissolving with the paint thinner, I went ahead with thinner and steel wool and using a gentle circular motion I eventually uncovered all the brown, even getting the green out of the nooks and crannies. Cleaning up the inside after removing the liner I found the stamp (see picture) which would be the Rubery Owen stamp yes? The lining webbing also has a faint stamp which looks like CL, 111, 1945. What would CL stand for? I was very pleased to get it back to original paint.


    Name:  IMG_0033.JPG
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Name:	IMG_0032-001.JPG 
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    The liner will be stamped CCL, Christy & Co Ltd, a nice Mk4.

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