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british police mk11

Article about: just to share my first police helmet example and the type ive been after for a very long time so am pleased to find one ,the chinstrap has a number 232 i would like clarification on what thi

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    A lot of these police helmets have over spray, so it's probably ok.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture british police mk11   british police mk11  

    british police mk11   british police mk11  

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    Many thanks for the input and comments gents, it's always good to debate any collectible lest we become complacent or just miss things!

    I think that police helmets are slightly different than most of the home front helmets because; a. They continued to be used long after the war and the MkII continued in some forces even when the MkIII was acquired. b. Every force in the UK (43 today but many more during WWII) procures its own kit from industry and I believe this was so even during the war albeit with government influence/assistance. c. Every example I have ever seen, unless it could be tied to the same force (or even division) as another has had different (sometimes hugely so) stencilling and differing shades of blue or as we have seen here white. d. It is not unknown for some genuine helmets to have been originally green / khaki with a blue topcoat (perhaps these were stock produced for military use and not used before the MkIII arrived?). e. As with other organisations it is not uncommon to find these having been repainted during service as it "doesn't do to look scruffy".

    Unlike most other HF helmets these are, albeit very rare now, are still found in dusty cupboards or even hanging on the office wall of a divisional officer (as mine was until I surrendered a bottle of something warming!!). My example has always been a blue one with no other colour underneath and appears to have only one coat of paint. The stencilling may have been "maintained" during service, it is hard to tell. However, any marks or blemishes are consistent accross the surface of both the blue and white. None pass from the blue underneath the white which is a good sign.
    I have no reservations about this helmet at all and I think it had a much longer service life than most MkII helmets as it remained in police possession (I suppose it still is really!) until I took it into protective custody a couple of years back.

    I hope this is helpful to any member trying to assess another such lid.


    PS. Most forces did not acquire the MkIII until long after the war. In some case the 1960's as they had to buy them!

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    Thank you for the reply Watchdog and I agree healthy debate is what makes the hobby and I have learned something new here about British Police issued Mk II helmets from this thread as to the painting and stenciling practices on British CD/HD helmets that I did not know until today .
    I have seen the stencils sold in the market place from time to time so considered examples with over spray as questionable and considered them as possible postwar repaints and or messed with many thanks to you and Aaron for settling my mind on this I shall look at them a little differently now while we are on the subject here are a couple of police related helmets from my collection I hope you dont mind James.

    Regards Mark
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture british police mk11   british police mk11  

    british police mk11   british police mk11  

    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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