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British Stahlhelm copy

Article about: I am new to this forum, so forgive me if this has come up before, but a search could find no discussion of this unusual helmet. Outwardly it appears to be a German M35 Stahlhelm, but without

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    I have nothing more to contribute to this post then the documentary I posted before when a similar example was posted elsewhere.

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    Interesting. Although the uniforms and helmet insignia are clearly out of date by 1944, a greater effort has been made to provide more authentic equipment and weapons. The helmets are clearly of the same type- no vent bushing, and a British-style lining. It does show that the major function of these helmets was training and demonstration. Before the Axis surrender in Tunisia in May 1943, a lot of German kit would not have been available in any quantity in the West.
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    My understanding about these is that they were used for training orgs. We Believe these were used at Camp X for Training SOE agents, however as most documents for this camp were destroyed, we cannot confirm this, however the few photos I have seen from the camp with Soldiers dressed as Germans, I can tell that most, if not all were NOT wearing WW1 German Helmets.

    Dean O

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    Hi Roger! Very interesting thread. Thanks for sharing it!

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    A still from a 1940's training video shows that German ww1 helmets were in fact used during training.
    On the left side the swastika, and on the right the national color.
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    [QUOTE=magicdutchmen;1385523]A still from a 1940's training video shows that German ww1 helmets were in fact used during training.

    Indeed, and for other purposes too. Here is a photograph taken during "If Day" 19 February 1942, which simulated the German take-over of Winnipeg, Manitoba in order to encourage the sale of War Bonds.
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    Here is two other photos of British-made Stahlhelm in use, the IWM captions read
    "The Home Guard: A break from instructions for men on a Home Guard Junior leaders course at Number 3 GHQ Home Guard School, Onibury near Craven Arms, Shropshire, sees soldiers dressed in German uniform - in order to represent German prisoners - taking a break with members of the Home Guard"

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    "Village clearing. Home Guard taking "German" prisoners at the bayonet point from a farm loft"

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