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british turtle mkIV

Article about: here's my latest pickup ,this turtle has the mk5 liner but is unfortunately missing the nylon sock and elasticated chinstrap also one section of the fibre frame is missing im hoping spare pa

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    From me James.

    Please remember people that one of the "lead principles" in camouflage is to break up the regular shape of an equipment item, (in this case, the helmet), as well as reducing "shine" and "silhouette"

    I would also agree that the "Int sect" refers to Intelligence, and "D-coy" obviously refers to D Company of whatever battalion the previous owner was a member of. I cant give you any clues as to when the service number was issued, other than to say my first four are 2461 and I was given that number in 1981!!

    Regards etc.

    Ian D.

    AKA: Jimpy

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    thanks mark and jake i too am fond of the iconic look of the s6 gassie ,perhaps the irainian embassy siege is hardwired into my early memories ,hi ian and many thanks for your valued comments it is always appreciated as to my latest setup "understood matey" ,on the shelf it really was difficult to make head or tale of it which is the whole point so i should know better ,it wouldnt take long to put back as was ,as for decifering the liner markings thanks for confirming leons thoughts and also the extra info too ,cheers james

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    You're welcome James, anytime mate.

    Ian D

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    Very nice example James, the scrim look's to be the 80's issue so could well be issue camo, this look's like vehicle camo netting. I have spare parts for these helmets in storage I will check it out for you if you are interested

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    many thanks gary mark K has offered to keep his eyes open for parts but im sure he wouldnt mind me accepting your kind offer ,any thing you could spare to help complete this turtle would be brilliant, your a diamond

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