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can anyone I D this helmet please

Article about: I am truly shocked its rare,is there anywhere I can get it verified as to its purpose :- Ie airborne forces museum or somewhere...its just that I was going to let my ten year old daughter ta

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    Quote by northern monkey View Post
    Its always thrown me ,it is hard skinned but has very little padding ,except around the ears,and the cups over the ears are flexible rubber with cut outs at the bottom...and it is very very small..only just fitting my son and daughters young heads !

    I have just noticed these markings.....a crown with A.M. underneath...then 22 0 1942 6 7/8

    I have had a closer look (in daylight with a magnifying glass ) and belive I have the numbers wrong it's 22 C / 942 6 7/8" what does this relate to apart from 6 7/8" being a size ?

    Thanks and sorry for the questions.....I have just emailed the collections dept at the imperial war museum to see if they can verify the helmet

    Thanks again

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    22C is an RAF stores code for flying clothing.

    22C Flying Clothing

    Unfortunately 22C 942 isn't on the list on the site

    Another site - again without the relevant number.

    RAF stores reference numbers 22C-series
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture can anyone I D this helmet please  

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    Does this mean its a fake then ? it seems a very comprehensive there anyone that somebody could recommend to verify the helmets originality and its getting more intrigued by the minute,shame there arnt more details to go with it...if only our relics could talk...what stories they would tell...

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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    Why should it be a fake ?

    "941-947 ???" - from my second link.

    The RAF Museum might have the full list assuming that it is indeed an RAF stores reference.

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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    ooops totally missed the second link and the missing item /blank space in the list....and i have since posted a couple of pics on another forum..and have been told its a reproduction ?? but that would mean that someone could be bothered to make a fake in the 70's (I have had it since about 1977 -78)...and as we all know all that happened in seventies England were lots of long strikes , and a single blazing hot summer,that everyone still bangs on about !!!


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    It also seems that the person on the other forum who wants to assure me its a reproduction....would very much like the reproduction for his collection ,for research and comparison only...and he offered a few $'s to cover my costs posting it to him....and before anyone asks I told him No...and i am also not going to name the forum or the knobhead that tried it on...whew I would have had to put his cheque in the bank along with the millions from the African prince and the refund money for the enlarger (it turned out to be a magnifying glass) or on the shelf with the rolex that i bought for ten quid............sorry but I wasnt born yesterday


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    Default positive I.D. recieved,and authenticated...

    well id like to say thank you to everyone on here that has helped by posting....I emailed both the imperial war museum and the R.A.F. museum at Hendon....both have confirmed this helmet to be an original type "c" glider pilots helmet...(as people rightly pointed out) please pat yourself on the back,for settling my problem



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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    Just out of curiosity...why does it have an American size in it? If it's a British helmet, shouldn't the size be a British one? Or is this before Metric?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    It is a British size........."The English Imperial measurements for hats is different to the American Imperial measurements for hats...much like our spellings of English words.........Hat and head sizing this site has a small chart , which shows the equivalent sizes...6 7/8 English = 7 American english

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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    Glad to see that it's been confirmed by RAF Hendon and the IWM Mick........Now put it safely on display AND DONT LET THE KIDS NEAR IT! LOL

    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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