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can anyone I D this helmet please

Article about: I am truly shocked its rare,is there anywhere I can get it verified as to its purpose :- Ie airborne forces museum or somewhere...its just that I was going to let my ten year old daughter ta

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    This is why I love this site. There is so much knowledge about so many different things it's almost scary. Very nice helmet by the way.
    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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    Default Re: can anyone I D this helmet please

    Quote by jimpy View Post
    Glad to see that it's been confirmed by RAF Hendon and the IWM Mick........Now put it safely on display AND DONT LET THE KIDS NEAR IT! LOL

    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy
    its great news Jimpy, but I have actually succumbed to my daughters constant pressure , but instead of alowing her to take it to school ....Ive got to take it in......stood in front of 30 brats all asking the usual awkward questions that kids do...its bad enough with my own two......a little knowledge is truly a dangerous thing....anyone want to buy it so I dont have to do it...Im sweating allready

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    I dont know how to put this but ......would anybody on this forum be interested in buying this helmet...I am not sure what its truly worth but would prefer it to go to a collector or a museum.....I have come to this decision due to a drastic and very very recent change in my personal circumstances...and selling this helmet will how much is it worth ? and how best to sell it ?


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    Well it looks like someone else sold their helmet on Ebay ... WW2 BRITISH ARMY GLIDER PILOT REGIMENT CRASH HELMET AIRBORNE ARNHEM D DAY | eBay the thing is mine has A.M. under the crown stamp (Air ministry) this one does not seem to have the same markings there any reason for this.


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    can anyone I D this helmet please
    The Helmet, crash, Glider Pilots

    Glider Pilots needed helmets that not only offered protection during landings, but also allowed them to communicate with the pilots from their tug aircraft. The first protective helmets used by the Glider Pilots were a mix of the fibre shell of the early Despatch Rider's Crash helmet and the leather earphone part of the RAF C-type flying helmet. Even the early motorcyclists "pulp" helmet was worn, but only during training.
    Later an improved helmet was made: the lower half of the C-type helmet was now fixed to a shell from riveted fibre segments, covered with cloth and painted with an inflammable brown paint.
    This was called the Helmet, Crash, Glider Pilots. Period pictures show that some pilots preferred the RAF C-type helmet.
    As the Army ordered these helmets from the Air Ministry, they come in typical Airforce sizes: 22C941 was the smallest size (6 3/4 inch), 22C/947 being the largest (7 1/2).
    In total 5,780 helmets were ordered, they remained in service until 2 October 1953.
    After landing the airborne helmet was used.

    Wartime manufacturers: Unknown
    Wartime variations: Initially these helmets still had the fixings for the oxigen mask like the C-type helmet, later the fixings were left away as GP's had no need for an oxigen mask.
    Post-war modifications: No.

    font: copy paste of British WW2 airborne uniforms, insignia, equipment, headgear and weapons

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    Very very nice examples !!

    One of my dream piece on my list~

    I've been hunting this for a long time, but without any success yet.

    Thank you for posting.


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    Thank you Taka, as you may have read I have considered selling this helmet ,and have been in touch with a few dealers...I do have a standing offer on the Helmet, and it was the very same dealer who pointed out the one that has now sold on Ebay..(it was I think at 400 with a couple of days to go)...These are the only two (mine and the one on ebay) Ive ever seen,the one above is also a bit different to the one I own.

    Could anyone tell me which helmet is the earliest the A.M. stamped one or the one with only a broad arrow ? And does anyone know where the headset and mic could be purchased ?

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