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Childrens Helmet

Article about: Good on ya Mick. Mystery solved. Regards, Andy

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    Good on ya Mick.
    Mystery solved.


    Best Regards,


    [/COLOR][CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=3]URGENTLY LOOKING FOR: 1982 era Argentine military issue goggles. Fravida 109, and "Sanbuee" French lens type

    [/SIZE]Have a look at my 20+ (so far, work in progress) albums for lots of M1's, rare liners and other stuff, including WW2British helmets, Falklands battlefield pickup helmets and let me know what you think!

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    As Mick stated this is a child's toy helmet. I have seen two versions, one army as per the picture and one painted as a wardens helmet. They appear relatively frequently on EBay. They never appear to have any liners and the chin straps are usually ribbon or string. I have seen some with a red transfer label on the rim but I can't remember what the company name is. I have seen reference to them being a 'real' helmet (I.e to give protection), however, given the lack of liner I think they are meant as a dressing up toy and nothing else

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    Just a comment on the severely wrinkled edge. In diemaking, the term is 'deep drawing' to produce a helmet shape from a blank piece of metal. Pressure needs to be exerted on the rim as the form die does it's stretching of the dome and this plate ( which is part of the tool ) is - no surprise- called a pressure plate! For this wrinkling to have occurred, the pressure plate was not functioning correctly ( either by fault or design ). For a normal size helmet strike, this would be classed as a mis-hit, a reject and should have been scrapped unless it was an intended feature for a low cost toy helmet ( but with the sharp edges I have my doubts ) so even if a toy I think it was a reject!


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