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Article about: Hello friends, I know this one has been on the bay for a while and I am sure I paid a bit over the odds for it, but as I am a "practising" Christian I made an offer on it and it wa

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    An interesting Mk II Leon IMO the cross looks period applied to my eyes as the wear is consistent to the rest of the helmet the application of the cross is of course what sets this Mk II off from any other Wardens helmet I have seen.
    This is the part I enjoy about these one off type of helmets trying to find reference material and or period images to support the who ,why, when and were it would have been worn I personally do not believe you over paid to much for it well maybe a tad but I have done the same on more than one occasion to add that one off and or special helmet to my own collection and believe me I have a few LOL.
    So good on you Leon for stepping up to the plate and if it were a Canadian CD helmet I would have done the same as I would have wanted it on my shelf as well.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    How much is too much for one of a kind? The chances of you finding another one are practically zero an if you are like me would kick yourself for letting it pass you by.

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    Might be a long shot, but perhaps worth considering that the helmet may have belonged to a conscientious objector on religious grounds who "claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience and/or religion".

    In Britain during WW2 conscientious objectors were assigned to an alternative civilian service as a substitute for conscription or military service. Some conscientious objectors consider themselves pacifist, non-interventionist, non-resistant, or antimilitarist. There were also a considerable amount of Lay Preachers/Elders in the U.K., and perhaps the helmet's owner was one of these.

    Over 61,000 men claimed to be C O's during the war for the above reasons and many others. Tribunals were set up to assess their claims. Some 3,000 of these were given complete exemption and over 18,000 had their claims dismissed entirely, whilst another 5,000 were jailed. But many were found to be suitable for "alternative service" and were either drafted to a "Non Combatants Corps" that performed various duties like ambulancemen, firemen, wardens, miners, farm workers or basically anything that didn't involve the handling of any "material of an aggressive nature". Some 350 volunteered for bomb disposal.

    I therefore don't see it as too much of a leap of faith (yeah, I know) to see this helmet being worn by one of these guys who was perhaps a Methodist or Quaker lay preacher, and served as a warden and also as a man who could offer religious comfort to the victims and families of bombing raids during the war. Just a thought.

    Regards, Ned.
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    I came across this.


    A extremely rare service helmet as worn by chaplains of the various Christian faiths while attending enemy incidents on the home front i.e. bombed housing etc. where trapped occupants would be in need of pastoral comfort / last rights and also giving general help and comfort to all taking part in proceedings.

    I couldn't find anything else on the Chaplains Incident Service, but I would think it to be a natural overlap with a Warden.


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    Hello Gentlemen, sorry for my "late" reply, I have been in London with the wife for a couple of days. Thank you all for your thoughts about it's possible uses/origins. I guess that it would make sense that this could be either a Ministers helmet who was a Warden or an Objector's. I like either possibility as having good grounds. I am now off to the post office to pick it up so I will take some better images when I get home and post them, thanks again, Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Great piece Leon. Money was well spent in my eyes.

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    Hello again fella's, here it is! The cross certainly appears to be period to the rest of the Wardens markings and general patina of the helmet. You can even see the light pencil marks from where the "guide lines" were drawn for the cross to be applied. The rusting is old and black (not new and active red/orange) so that feels correct to the ageing of this one, and the condition of the liner is a good match. The liner is dated 1940 although it is very difficult to see, the date and manufacturer on the steel is very "shallow" and rusted so I cannot read that. All in all I think this is a very nice and unusual helmet, thanks for all your thoughts and opinions, it is most appreciated. Leon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture CHURCH WARDENS MKII Helmet.   CHURCH WARDENS MKII Helmet.  




    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    Quote by Gary J View Post
    Possibly a new high price for a WW2 "British" helmet ... (Bar some of the rarer types ...ROC, RAF, .. named famous person etc)

    To finish the set off, you'll now have to look for a Cassock with a sharpe shooters badge sewn on !!

    Gary J.
    I agree, it was pricey Gary, but not as pricey as my ROC helmet, the type you mention! Leon.CHURCH WARDENS MKII Helmet.CHURCH WARDENS MKII Helmet.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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