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A few more Home Front Helmets

Article about: Thanks everyone for the encouraging remarks and information I have really enjoyed taking part in this thread - When I started collecting Home Front items (some 25 years ago), it was largel

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    Default A few more Home Front Helmets

    Thanks for all the replies to my previous Helmet threads - much appreciated and now as promised here are my other British Home Front Helmets (all keepers! )

    Here's the first:

    An early ARP Warden's helmet - Dated 1938 Maker on Liner "J.C.S. & W. Ltd", shell appears same date and possibly maker but partly covered by chinstrap clip.

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    very very nice nick thanks for sharing a definate keeper in my books

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Thanks Tom - Here's the second:

    Another ARP Warden's helmet - this one came with the full uniform too from a Liverpool Warden - a converted police uniform with designated Liverpool ARP buttons and badges and his WWI ribbon bar as well - definitely one of my favourite finds. The liner is dated 1938, with maker "VERO" - But shell is thickly painted under the rim, so cannot make out any stamped marks.
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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Hi, those are really nice, Nick.

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Third helmet:

    A "Zuckerman" Fire Guard's helmet, Liner dated 1940 with maker "F.H." and shell dated 1941 and maker "A.M.C." - When first purchased, I thought it had been re-painted, but am now convinced it is original, but was surface pitted when originally painted!

    What chinstrap should this helmet have?

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Thanks Nuno - Here's another:

    This is my most recent - I have virtually given up looking for helmets at car-boot sales since quite a while ago - the odd one that turns up is usually prohibitively expensive - However, I spotted this one in the summer looking out of place on an antique china type stall - asking price 10, got it for 8.00

    Messenger? Helmet - Liner dated 1940 and marked "B.M.B." plus an ink stamp to the liner band that is difficult to read. The shell is dated 1941 and also marked "B.M.B.".

    Is the small fixing screw significant? It certainly seems to be original.

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    I really like the look of that black one!

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Nice helmets Nick, I really like the home front stuff, it's years since I stumbled across a good one a car boot sale.

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Very nice collection Nick I have a soft spot as well for home front helmets I have three that grace my collection an ARP,AW and a S.J.A.B . thanks for showing

    Regards Mark K
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Default Re: A few more Home Front Helmets

    Thanks everyone - glad you like them - looking forward to sorting out my study and including some way to display them.

    Here's my last one:

    Liner dated 1940, Shell 1941 - No legible makers marks - This one was a bit dearer!

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