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GS para helmet markings

Article about: hello all . just picked up this lovely GS 1943 para helmet and while looking at it i noticed some markings on the side . to my belief they look like german . the helmet has slight wear and t

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    Quote by tinlid View Post
    Hi Mark, The helmet as such, being an G&S 1943 is 100% correct. It's only the repaint on the outside & runes that are wrong/ not the norm.
    Fair enough it just looked like 1948 to me and given that the leather straps are so commonly reproduced (Harlan Glenn at King&Country used to do some very good ones) that was enough to put me off, I stand corrected!

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    Easy mistake to make in these days of fakes, & always best to err on the side of caution. Post war stamps on the leather sweat band were different to WW2. Plus also believe it or not, the rivets on the G&S leather chin straps were placed slightly differently to the BMB made straps, which is not a 100% fool proof I know but every little bit helps when trying to determine if something is right.

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    here is another helmet i purchased a while ago its a 43 dated helmet . note the markings on the side GS para helmet markingsGS para helmet markingsGS para helmet markings


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    Looks like a shield?

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