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this guy for real?

Article about: always happy to help good luck mate you'll get there in the end

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    Default this guy for real?

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    well mate the first link looks to have OD green webbing which would make it 1950's (Korean war) era the second one is WW2 & the last one looks to be either Korean war or early Vietnam era rigger made airborne liner.

    hope this helps.

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    ok sweet yea, i knew they were from korean war, just thought he was a bit of a hoax cause of the "walmart" prices

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    i had a look at the other stuff he's got & some look ok & some of his prices aren't bad either but he also has some questionable stuff like his mint WW2 airborne liner it could be ok but it could also be a refurb ??

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    yea, he has a couple of repro items, cause he says they are repro, but who knows, he sounds honest.

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    well thats the thing mate he may not know him self about some of his items after all he is selling a post war liner as WW2 !

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    yea, though it does say in the para liner im gonig to buy does say its post war after it haha, it was misleading when i saw it, but then i read the name of the item and it clicked in

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    i was talking about the first link you have

    but on the post war para one from those pics i cant seem to see a eyelet in the front if this is the case then its early NAM era which in them selves in this configuration aren't easy to come by but if it has an eyelet in the front then its KW era.

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    ok thanks for that Nick, i can always count on you, i had to stop my collecting for my holiday, so i'm kinda bit slow with knowledge regarding m1 helmets now

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