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Helmet nets.

Article about: I really like the look of these looser helmet nets I've found here on e-bay, but how easy are they to fake? I presume they have no labels, no dates etc. The French seller says they have an '

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    Default Helmet nets.

    I really like the look of these looser helmet nets I've found here on e-bay, but how easy are they to fake? I presume they have no labels, no dates etc. The French seller says they have an 'old' smell about them and is selling a box full, but what do people think? How do you prove the authenticity of something like a net?

    net helmet ww2 , m1 helmet , 1944 | eBay

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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    Stay well clear!!!!!!!with 4 negitives and 3 neutrals all in a year,wouldn't give him the time of day,regards minnie.P.S 1 negitive for the net itself.

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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    Hi Minnie,

    yes I looked at the negatives too. I was using that link as an example as much as anything really. How the hell do you check the authenticity of a net, even if you were able to hold it in your hands? They seem like the easiest thing in the world to fake, and at 10-30 each, quite a lucrative market. Any tips?



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    The original ones sometimes have a Dennison USA label on them.

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    U.S. Militaria Forum > Dennison Net
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Helmet nets.  
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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    Yes andy but thats even debatable as to wheather dennisons where actual made nets specifically for M1 helmets.Large cargo type nets were produced presumingly by dennison during WW2 and yes there is photographic evidence of US infrantry wearing them stateside,and period photo's of G.I'S wadeing ashore at omaha beach too,but as there was no offical contract listed,one can only assume these type nets were field created and not official hand outs as the british type were the standard net with the US not making a net until the M44 net appeared in late 44 with the band attached,there was a rumour that in the 80's someone got hold of a large amount of these huge nets and cut them to size added the label and there you have it one WW2 helmet net,i have one but the label detached itself,regards minnie.

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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    i have a net like that it was sold as cut from WW2 vehicle netting it has a very strong smell to it.

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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    Moaning Minnie-a cargo net!-do you know how large the rope is that forms one?-troops climbed down them from the sides of transports to get into landing craft-could not possibly be made into helmet nets.

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    Default Re: Helmet nets.

    Fair point perhaps CARGO is not the right type of netting but as already stated above there's no official records or contracts that im aware of having been issued during WW2 with the sole purpose of supplying helmet netting to US soldiers in the field,British nets we mass produced and came in a variety of colours and mesh widths.its also common knowledge that the M44 was the ONLY wartime US produced net,and thats the only one you will find listed in most unless somebody discovers some tangible evidence to suggest otherwise,the jury im afraid will be out for a long time,regards minnie.

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