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Help needed. Helmet identification

Article about: Hi Guys, I need your help identifying a couple of helmets I got in a lot. One I know is German but am unsure what model (M42, M35 etc). The other I was told is some kind of paratrooper helme

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    Hi ,as you know the German helmet is indeed an M35 with a "popped" vent, as for the other helmet, have a very close look around it , is there any sign that the helmet has had "bolt/rivet" holes sealed in the past that have now rusted to a similar state as the shell. The reason I ask is that many shells were used as buckets/cooking pots, post war?? Leon.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Will have a closer look at the helmet tonight and see if it has any blocked rivet holes and report back

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    I think the other helmet is a British paratrooper helmet. Its difficult to be sure due to the poor quality pictures.

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    I will upload some better quality pictures tonight

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    Thank you, British dispatch riders, paratroopers and tank crew helmets are all the same basic shape so we would need to see details of the rivets, rim and and inside to get a positive id for sure, I suspect.

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    What is the source of the 'para' helmet? I think it is a helmet that was sold a while ago deliberately under a false description. I would imagine the current owner should know what it is (or isn't) by now as it has been discussed before.

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    I bought these from a flee market here in Malta a couple of months ago. I think it is unlikely that they were discussed before on here. The guy I got them from didnt know what they were and I didnt pay much for a lot of 3 helmets I bought from him. Got any links where this particular helmet was discussed? As I the current owner still have not idea what this helmet is or isn't

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    This sounds very strange. Can you provide any more information KradSpam?

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    thanks for the link, they do look similar but none are identical to my one. Again I'm not trying to sell this or to try fool/scam anyone, am just trying to see what I have

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