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I'm lost...

Article about: I'm literally going crazy doing research on this helmet... I recently purchased this M1 helmet in has a front seam M1 shell and a firestone tire company standard infantry liner.

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    I agree...all characteristics point to a marmac liner...but you're right about the confusion part...a marmac liner stamped F? Possibly unissued Firestone shell completed in the early 60s by marmac industries...or am I definitely wrong?

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    According to Reynosa's book Firestone leased moulds to Marmac.

    Makes yer head spin doesn't it?!!

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    During ww2 Westinghouse was the only company to actually own its own molding heads/tools etc,everybody else was on the government lend-lease program,once the war ended about 80 molds went into government storage,all postwar production including Westinghouse produced Liners with whatever mold heads they were given,sort of a lucky dip,during the 1960's the main tool heads that were issued would consist of Westinghouse/Firestone/US some as said would be loaned out within the industry,hence why this Liner even tho its a Marmac carries a Firestone mark,because once a tool head was added to a mold it was permanently sealed for the duration of the molding Heads life,companies found ways of adding there own markings to a Liner so to distinquish it from another maker,the large ink stamped number after the contract date on the webbing is only found on these P64 Marmac liners made between 1965-1972.

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