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leading fireman nfs worcester helmet

Article about: just to share my national firemans helmet,perhaps fuelled by the recent interest in home front helmets and after viewing many a nice example i decided to take the plunge with this one , i wa

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    well thats a relief mark and leon i did notice in hand the paint extended in places further than where a rim would have been but as i never realised there was such a thing as the rimless nfs i discounted it the remaining rim wear certainly gives the impression of a fitted rim having been removed if that makes any sense at all ,thanks for your thoughts on this one ,it was advertised as an alloy helmet but its definately steel

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    It will be an BMB 1941, quite a few of these were issued to the NFS.
    They are an Mk2 No.1 ( military use) but without the rim, as apposed to the Mk2 No.2's.
    Should be grey inside, but has been repainted outside green,nice one

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    Quote by Anon View Post
    It is probably one of the rimless BMB made examples which often have it stamped into the rim somewhere.

    Perhaps we will have to start a thread on AFS/NFS helmets to go with those for Wardens and Police that we have yet to start.
    sorry Jerry i didnt realise you had posted ,i was busy typing away ,thanks for the extra info regarding BMB i will look closer with my readers on with some better lighting to find the shell stamp

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    thanks jake and many thanks for this information Aaron i can certainly see grey undertones on the inside shell in placesleading fireman nfs worcester helmet

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    the most striking part of these helmet's in my opinion is the kings crown water slide leading fireman nfs worcester helmet

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    Nice lid.I'm after one with '13' fireforce number.

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