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Is this a M26 or m36 Adrian helmet?

Article about: An out of the wood work and untouched helmet that I picked it up at a show. What is it and is it war time, late war or into post war? There's no date on the liner or shell and on the reverse

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    Don't mess with those prongs on the badge too much. They tend to weaken with age...
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    Thanks, appreciate that info. The badge is now back on the helmet and it will not be removed again, at least under my ownership. The only reason I removed it in the first place was to verify it was original. And also now I know that the helmet is a post war issued helmet, I will most likey sell it and look for a nice war time one as I don't collect beyond WWII, Ray

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    Ray, Your last post sums it up. Post War helmet with WWII insignia. Good luck finding a WWII example. You now have a link to an excellent web site that will give you all the details needed. This was an interesting thread for me as well. Cheers, Neil

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    I can't believe I had that link in my favorite file for years. Apparently I had used it to check out some other countries helmet and saved it. When I started to research my helmet I remembered it and checked it out and was amazed how much more detailed it was for the French helmets then it was for the other helmets. Of course I shouldn't have been be surprised, after all it is a French site and who would know French helmets better. It will certainly help me in identifying and buying a correct earlier helmet, Ray
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