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Mark 1 Canadian helmet

Article about: Here is a Mark 1 British helmet issued to the Canadian medical Corp I believe. The pad in the helmet is asbestos I was informed, so should I have it removed or leave it alone.

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    According to this period publication listing the component parts of the liner, there is no asbestos in it.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    As a child of the 50's I played under a milk bottling plant in the neighborhood that I grew up in for several years. We kids used to tear off the asbestos coverings on the pipes underneath the plant as part of our play, we were covered in asbestos when we got home after hours of play(the plant was next to a creek and was a favorite hiding place for our war games) none of us kids, neither my brothers or I have ever developed any sort of mesotheliaoma sickness after all these years. I worry more about the defoliating chemicals I was exposed to at Fort Leonard Wood during Army basic training back in 1967 than any asbestos. My thought is that it's far overblown as a problem. Just saying.

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    Just my opinion after countless hours training just wouldnt want any of you guys to get mesothelioma as my mate has after working in a factory for three weeks sweeping it up before he joined the paras to become a sgt and a very fit individual he is now v sick and cant even walk 5 metres without being in pain.

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