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Minty fresh U.S. M1917A1 "Kelly" Helmet

Article about: Hi guys, here's one I picked up yesterday. It's an M1917A1 in excellent condition. Not much to say about this one, other than I'm glad it has found a new home on my helmet shelf.

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    In January 1936 the war department having dropped all previous tests on new developments for a combat Helmet chose to replace its existing M17 Helmet with a more comfortably liner and chinstrap system,this fell to McCords to carry out the work,realizing sometime around 1938 there was a serious shortfull of original M17 Helmets McCords where then instructed to produce the same M17 shell,so apart from the age differance of some 20 years the Helmets themselves were January 1941 McCords were asked to draw from one piece Maganese steel a new concept deep pot type Helmet who's origins started back in 1919,these 200 samples passed all balistic tests and a second batch was requested in March 1941,finally in May 1941 all M17A production ceased,large scale production of this new modern pot Helmet began in June 1941.............

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    I just bought the same helmet like yours with a stamp number 7A. curious to know what it means. Please help a new member out.

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    Beautiful Helmet Mo My brother has a mint Kelly like that I think the numbers are batch numbers I have a McCord WW2 M-1 with A-3062 or so. Someway they can be traced to the numbers and letters to date of manufacture I was told. Plenty of US helmet collectors around that have information on them hopefully some will chime in like Rudder as I enjoy them but are out of my field. timothy

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    Its hard to believe that these M17A Helmets are fetching a higher price than there predecessors.........

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