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Article about: A bit battered & bruised, but this Mk1* looks to be an early one. Rimless, Mk1 liner dated 1937 & made by HELMETS Ltd, being the first year they made Mk1 liners. Mk1 chin strap lugs

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    MC would have done a lot of research to get the info, but i don't know where from.
    Collectors can calls things whatever they want, but if the War Office calls it an Mk2, then it's an Mk2.
    But for me, to keep things simple, an Mk1* is fine.

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    It is the same with para helmets . The military did not differentiate between the MK1 HSATs. Fibre-rims and non-fibre rims were both the same as far as they were concerned, It is only collectors that feel the need to separate them

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    Well, on the basis that to the vast majority of non-collectors they’re ALL either “tin ‘ats” or “stinky army stuff” we may be over thinking it all.....

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    Or Brodies or Tommy helmets...


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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