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My collection so far

Article about: Model 42 German helmet isn't a good one.

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    Default My collection so far

    my collection so far ,just started a few months agoMy collection so farMy collection so farMy collection so farMy collection so farMy collection so far

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    Looks great! Is the battle flag authentic?

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    Any chance of detailed threads on the M1 pots?

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    im not sure ijust started collecting

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    I know nothing about these helmets I just like them so I bought them what did you want to know

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    Hi! Nice variation of pieces you have there in your collection, Not bad at all for a few months collecting. I have to point out although you may already be aware of this, The M1's that are 506th marked and the medic helmet are not authentic IMO and the MP helmet is post war 1980's issue, The German M42 is bad also wrong paint decal is on the wrong side of the helmet and the chinstrap is non issue. The black civic helmet looks like it might have a shout but I dont know much about those helmets to be honest. I could of course be wrong this is just my observation. Like Kradspam says a thread on the M1's or all the helmets I would say with closer pics better detail etc would be cool! Cheers! Sean.

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    I have this ww1 us marine on its way to me knowMy collection so far

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    Good so far, but just dont go out there and buy things that you think look cool. Go buy a book and do some reading first before you buy, becuase a goood amount of your helmets are not genuine ww2 ones.

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    I have doubts about your painted US M1 helmets.

    After looking again I am sure the painted M1s are not original.
    I do not know who is defrauding you but you would be justified kicking his butt.
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    sorry the flag is a repro.

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