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Need help with helmets

Article about: [QUOTE The markings on the last photo read AMC 1941, anyone have any idea what AMC is and is 1941 the date on issue/manufacture.[/QUOTE] made by Austin Motor co, here is a link for Zukermans

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    Have you noticed the variation on the MK.111 liners made in the fifties I have a 1945 made example the same as yours were the lift the dot system is in the middle of the cruciform were as the fifties made ones you lift the whole cruciform to remove the liner, the pictures show two liners by the same manufacturer FFL, Fisher foils Ltd. With 1945 date and a 1952 date, I can't find any reference material as to wether we should regard the later version as a MK.111A as it was obviously still regarded as a MK.111 because it was followed by a MK.1V.
    Attached Images Attached Images Need help with helmets Need help with helmets 

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    Quote by MG42 View Post
    Thanks, the last one of the lot and possibly the latest is this police helmet I picked up at a car boot sale
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    I have read somewhere that these helmets were used in Germany by British occupation forces. I will see if i can track down the reference. The last time I saw one of these was actually in Germany, a curio beloning to the former StuG commander I was vitising a the time, which might lend some credibility to this theory.


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    Well spotted It is quite hard to grip hold of the small tab to lift the liner out when it's inside the rubber cruciform. Just the next step in it's developement I guess, & are your rubber buffers on the 50's dated liners have serial numbers on too? I suppose the liners for the MkII HSRAC are exactly the same.

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    Yes they do and I also have a MK.11 liner dated 1952 which is on a MK.111 helmet it also has the numbers on the buffers. My MK.11 RAC has a 1945 liner so I don't know but they probably will have as all the others seem to.

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