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The new ebay money maker

Article about: One of these sold for over 880. The other two hope to !

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    I am sorry to see that some members do not agree to what i am writing but it's their right to do so ,but to these i say,have a careful look at this thread from the beginning , notice how many "enhanced" helmets he sold these past 2 months,he even sold a para lid that is from 1953 and on the listing he states that it is 1943,then go to e-bay and check his bad feedback, in one of them the buyer states that he can still smell the fresh paint from the helmet . He had more bad feedback but was erased as the buyer probably returned one of the helmets and got a refund,Anyway I will not post any more on this thread as i really do not care how many fake lids this "educated businessman" sells , But the point is that "YOU DON'T FOOL ME"
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    A couple of last things I want to add and then I am definitely done, I live in Malta and am 52 years old ,I started collecting British militaria at the age of 12, at those days there were no British reproductions ,only German, at those days British WW2 dated items were literally thrown away by the truck load,I remember seeing bundles of unissued small packs burning when the British left in 79(and now I just paid 40Euros for one) I remember seeing barge loads of stuff being dumped into the sea,there was a Malta cammo helmet in every senior citizen's garage,in fact I had six of them,when I was 18 I lost interest in the hobby and when I moved out of my father's house I gave my collection away to a friend of mine,(now that I started collecting again ,I really regret it) I started working on oil rigs and during my travels to Holland ,Belgium,France,Scotland and North Africa ,I saw a lot of British helmets in flea markets with insignia and flashes on them and none of them were added post war, simply for the fact that they were plentiful and not sought after like they are now,like Leon said these "enhanced" British helmets only started to appear on the net about five years ago,that is why I do not believe the sellers that say that they had the item pre,internet,(that is obviously only my opinion) Last thing I want to add is that the he stated that he likes to deal face to face,I hardly consider selling on the net as face to face,(again that is only my opinion) Anyway ,I now consider this matter closed ,I want to finish by wishing luck to all the educated businessmen that sell "enhanced" ww2 items and hope that their items will make them loads of money (but it will not be my money for sure)

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    Jeremy , what you said may be true, but as Pluto pointed out, your first post was designed to threaten and intimidate the forum . Anyway, please can we move on...

    This (original !) one has just sold for 550. Wonder when the first copy will be seen on e-bay ?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker  

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    Quote by pluto View Post

    he even sold a para lid that is from 1953 and on the listing he states that it is 1943
    I hope none of us will forget the post war para lid sold as wartime and lets not forget this date altered Airborne beret from the same seller'

    Ww2 Airborne maroon beret?? Legit?

    I make no comment on who altered the date on it, but it was returned to the seller and relisted for sale without comment on it being a post war example that had been messed with.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I said that this matter is now closed but I just can't resist saying other things,first of all I'm glad that somebody is agreeing with me at last.So now I have a question to ask to the members that are not.If MT comes on this forum and states that he didn't know that the helmets he sold are fake,would you believe him as well? I certainly would not.
    These people take advantage of e-bay cos' if the buyer doesn't like the item he could return it for a refund ,the bad feedback will be erased and the item listed again for the next mug that comes along, Some people may not realize how serious this is ,when you get a 20 helmet and alter it and sell it for 100's,we all know what happened to the Flitters when they ripped off 13000 worth of fake stuff from that guy ,they had to refund every penny cos' if he had taken them to court it would have cost them much more,not to mention the fact that it's an insult to the brave men and women who fought and died wearing these helmets and uniforms that we collect,for me that is the fun about collecting these pieces that made history ,to hold it my hand and think that somebody actually wore it in battle (I must be getting soft in my old age)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone

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    It doesn't quite get there, close but not good enough.
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    That's better.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker  

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    I wonder who the seller is on this one.

    It seems very similar to this even down to having goggles with it. A different helmet, but same paint and hand painted logo etc.....


    Just saying.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    This reminds of a guy a few years back selling doctored US M1 sets'dread to think how many are sitting in displays up and down the country unaware of there purchases not being quite right!

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    This is actually a relic post May 1917 WWI helmet so technically off topic in the WWII section but I thought it'd fit in here too. Please move if necessary.

    I can't decide if the MGC insignia has been painted on top of the rust or if paint has been removed to reveal the crown and crossed guns or why it's being auctioned as an officers helmet.

    What do you blokes think?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker   The new  ebay money maker  

    The new  ebay money maker  

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