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The new ebay money maker

Article about: One of these sold for over 880. The other two hope to !

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    It's from the usual faker isn't it.

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    Oh God ,here we go again !!!

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    I don't know if it's already been mentioned, but the vendor 'jobrown1001' is based in Stansted, the same as '1967goldie'....Surely a coincidence I would imagine though.
    Blue photo backdrops certainly seem to be de rigueur in Stansted.

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    ...well..there goes one identification method......

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    In my expert opinion,this is by far the best 200% original Malta cammo I've seen for years,(better than Aaron's in fact),I will make you jealous of me, i am willing to bid at least a grand on it ,i may even go up to two grand as well,I am just saying this so if any of you get any funny ideas that you are going to win it,all I can say is "in your dreams" this one is MINE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA (demented laughter)

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    So at the risk of being torched on site,just been browsing on the bay and you know who has a shed load of Lids up for grabs! are they all fake? or is there a percentage of the real deal mixed in !!! there's a lot of interest and intense bidding going on.............
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker   The new  ebay money maker  

    The new  ebay money maker  

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    The HSAT is original apart from it's had a post war repaint, as is the want of these helmets that had a long service life.
    But to have 3 different types of helmets for sale with hessian covers, & with wire, that is a coincidence.

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    So am i correct in saying that we here are much more educated and refined than the ordinary good folk of ebay?and we know good from bad!like you said a genuine hessian TR barbed Helmet is worth thousands unless the bidders are too shady and intend to pass on somewhere in the near distant future as an original!...............

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    Regarding the German helmet with the hessian, is it normal to find these,I mean with hessian on and no sign of a liner , Surely the hessian in time would have gone first and not the liner? What do you think? And any comments on the other lids he has for sale?'to me the Mk2's seem to be done in the style of the others he had previously sold, For some reason to me his helmets all look unnatural ,if you understand what I am trying to say, Maybe it's the backdrop or maybe he is using some kind of lighting that makes them look like that? Is it just me that sees them this way, remember I am the guy that cannot even upload a picture, Any comments by you experts will be appreciated ,Another thing I have noticed is the other stuff he is selling ,those painted masks,if somebody is so good at doing those, why not helmets? I have noticed this as well with another seller of fake helmets situated here in Malta ,apart from his fake lids he was also selling hand painted figurine s, You know ,we have reduced this thread into a police investigation ,we will be looking for fingerprints next!!!

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    Safe to say that 95% of MT's "cammo's" or division marked MKII's are humped up and ruined helmets. As for goldielock's or whatever his name is, some of those ruined MKii's really do push the boundaries! Pure trash, but they are making a fortune from idiots who do not do their research and study good originals, I have little sympathy for fools who have money to burn. Leon.
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