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The new ebay money maker

Article about: One of these sold for over £880. The other two hope to !

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    I'm in the wrong trade with my brushes.

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    Currently a Dutch mk2 clone is listed on ebay for $300 usd. What an upcharge!

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    Only went for £185 . Hmmm.... wonder why !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker  

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    Must be original...look at the date !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker   The new  ebay money maker  

    The new  ebay money maker  

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    It's amazing the money you can make out of gullible fools with just some scrap cotton, a modern leather strap and an old blazer badge. I have reported this piece of trash to ebay and so have two of my friends, but what a surprise, nothing has happened. Please report this and help get it taken down!


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    Sadly, this is very much a case of buyer beware... If it looks like too good a deal, it probably Is! This is of course no excuse for the Shysters who are manufacturing these items to deceive and steal money from hard working collectors, saving their money to buy new items for their collections... Keep this thread running and everyone please continue to post these bandits!

    My own interest is Escape and Evasion, and sadly since the large, detailed book which was recently published, it has become a forgers guide. A multitude of new E&E devices are being offered on eBay on a daily basis. Buyers have to remember these things are amazingly rare, so any “Escape chess set” or other “Escape game”popping up on eBay needs to be reviewed with very careful suspicion...along with many other items. The Royal Marines cap badges with concealed escape compasses spring to mind. Oh and the recent “Escape Watches”...

    Recently a seller has been regularly offering IS9 Three Witches insignia on eBay. These are being sold as Genuine, but since this insignia was only worn for 10 months and was Theatre produced, it is one of the rarest patches you would ever hope to come across... So in my mind, this chap is either amazingly lucky in his sourcing, or they are Reproductions, produced to deceive...

    Since I know the Only Source of these patches - in Holland - (His family were directly involved during the war), and I am aware of only 5 on the open market Anywhere, then in my mind, these are fakes, produced to deceive. Possibly (to be fair) the current seller is not aware, having been taken in himself. In which case, he needs to go back to his supplier and request a refund!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker  

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    It is of course in Ebays interest to protect even the blatant fakers, they Make Money out of it... If they banned them, they do no more than prevent themselves from making that money... Protecting the innocent serves them in no way...

    Quote by JimRAMC View Post
    Sorry for my font colours Steve, I cant seem to find a way to edit the post!

    So it would appear that ebay does indeed protect fraudsters. I got the following warning from ebay about my conversation with our friend.

    eBay account warning - policy violation: Inappropriate Content or Intent of Facilitating a Transaction

    After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay's Inappropriate Content or Intent of Facilitating a Transaction policy.

    You recently had an interaction via, or directly with, eBay that didn't follow our guidelines. All communications via or with eBay should:

    - Be transaction related.
    - Be intended to facilitate and/or resolve a transaction.
    - Remain professional, and not contain any profanity or hate speech.

    For more information on this eBay policy, please visit:
    Member-to-member contact policy

    We understand that you might not have known this violated our policy. To help you have successful experiences on eBay, we encourage you to become familiar with eBay policy by visiting the link above.

    Future violations of eBay policies may result in the loss of member privileges, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.


    Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email."

    Quite frankly, they can ban me and i'll take my business elsewhere. Quite amusing really as there is nothing threatening in my message. I can certainly ramp up my messages so that it does violate the policy......

    I will continue to message this clown, and may actually start posting him some presents.

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    Just as good as the ‘SOE’ brush with compass and escape map he has listed

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    Sold by grandadloft, it went for £360

    British ww2 1938-1939 dated RAMC royal army medical Corp flash helmet
    The new  ebay money maker

    The new  ebay money maker

    The new  ebay money maker

    but the winner for the fantasy piece goes to this one, it really made my day , still on sale

    Ww2 1940 dated home front ARP air raid warden bicycle Messenger helmet
    The new  ebay money maker

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