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The new ebay money maker

Article about: One of these sold for over 880. The other two hope to !

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    Quote by Imwatchingyou67 View Post

    I would suggest in future please if you want to speak to me about a matter call me or email me but please don't run my family name down on a website it's just not cricket and personally it's very juvenile and irritating.

    Many thanks again for your reply


    Ps I suggest your members remove their offensive comments targeted at me and my personal information to save everyone's time and money ! Thank you and happy collecting
    Hello Jeremy and welcome to the forum!
    It is unfortunate that you have found this forum under these circumstances but, maybe it is a good thing.
    This thread is a result of the mindset between collectors, we do not want to see any other members paying big dollars for something that is not what it should be, and yes, unfortunately, emotions do come out when anyone that has bought a fake is involved.
    I can only welcome you as a new member and suggest that you post any helmets that you are thinking of selling here so that our knowledgeable members may help authenticate them for you. This way you can also put on your add that they have been authenticated on a public forum. Surely this can not be a bad thing.
    Welcome again,
    Searching for anything relating to, Anton Boos, 934 Stamm. Kp. Pz. Erz. Abt. 7, 3 Kompanie, Panzer-Regiment 2, 16th Panzer-Division (My father)

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    Quote by Imwatchingyou67 View Post
    I'm watching you guys too... Be careful of libel chaps and what your posting online ...solicitors love it when it's so easy for them and nicely laid out 😜🔫 ps Jerry you need to get out more mate
    Perhaps, but I only post what I see and offer an opinion on them. If you genuinely bought many of your items in good faith, I assume it was pre internet days when it was not so easy to network with other collectors and spot your mistakes. I don't think I called you a crook in any of my posts, I merely commented on items that did not ring true to me and on the painting skills exhibited by whomever hand painted the formation signs seen on some of your offerings.

    PS, I do get out, honest!


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Jeremy , I wonder if you care to share with us how you came to own these rare helmets ? Were they all acquired from a single source ? The style of painting and the paints used are very similar on all the flashes - a real red flag in my opinion.


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    Correct steve pre internet days when I travelled to Europe a lot ,as stated if I recall came from one or two sellers I think either France and Belgium .Sorry it was a fair time ago c1990s so no websites such as these to compare just out of date reference books to go by , anyway like I say you live and learn I'm sure many of the collectors on here have purchased " enhanced " helmets but little do they know they have as they haven t sold them yet ... I suppose that's how we learn in life chaps .

    Ps interesting forum Site steve ,thanks for your polite message

    Pps Jerry I believe you get out now and then 😁

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    Default Royal artillery helmet

    ok guys here's one of my helmets ...also had this a while .would like to know your thoughts ?!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The new  ebay money maker   The new  ebay money maker  

    The new  ebay money maker  

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    Well, as the originator of this thread I would like to add a few words. My original intention was to highlight the sudden rush of Scott Guard helmets for sale on e-bay immediately after a rare, and original one sold for big money ( in case you haven't worked it out, it was the bottom helmet in the first picture !). However the thread quickly became a means of highlighting some of the other spurious, unit marked British helmets for sale on ebay. Thanks to forums like this , long term collectors have been able to share their hard-earned knowledge with less experienced collectors. I myself have been collecting British helmets for over 40 years, and feel I have the skill to spot an obviously "enhanced" helmet. I believe it is the same for the other posters on this thread, some of whom I know personally, and whose opinion I have the utmost respect for. I for one hope this thread will continue, and we all feel free to continue posting helmets we consider to be "enhanced" for profit. In this way we might help other collectors avoid the disappointments I know we have all suffered in the past.


    Oh, and I like the RA helmet just posted !

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    Yes nice lid,makes a change from his usual rubbish!!!!!

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    I also like the RA badged lid. Interesting as to my eyes there appears to be a slight hint of an earlier insignia behind the decal?

    I did actually like the Essex lid with the decal just the ghosting from the net looks odd? As I posted when it was put up here, there is no problem with home front helmets having army decals/flashes on them as they were used by the Home Guard and in fact decalled lids might be more common for the home front rather than in the front line, for security reasons etc...


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    ..isn't it sad when the biggest challenge we face in this particular arena is the PAINT and not what it's on.....

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    Default Helmet ...

    The new  ebay money makerThe new  ebay money makerThe new  ebay money makerThe new  ebay money maker


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