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New helmet: HADRIANS Wall CAMO MKII Northumbrian Ulster Territorial Service

Article about: Hello all, just got this helmet in the mail, arrived direct from Essex today. A smashing example of a MkII helmet badged to the Royal Engineers, in Hadrians wall camo, and it in fact has wha

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    Hi Harry
    Thanks for your opinion on the helmet,I also believe that if got a recent paint job, as the green colour seems too bright IMO, also the bolts holding the liner are not scratched at all, I do not have a ww2 dated Para lid but I have a 1956 dated one,and also despatch riders helmets ,and I notice that the texture is much different from the one Goldie is selling,They do not have so much sand sprinkled on them ,

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    it is likely just to be a para helmet that someone got Richards to sign. The name on the liner isn't that of Richards, and the helmet appears to have been given a green overpaint covering a much lighter white? colour. But for once, Goldie appears to be giving a reasonably accurate description.
    Indeed, except how can anyone be certain that the Richards actually signed it?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Quote by Jerry B View Post
    Indeed, except how can anyone be certain that the Richards actually signed it?
    Given the sellers... reputation... for pimped items I wouldn't go near it or consider for a moment that it's an authentic signature. Sort of like that other seller and the "Dambuster items".

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