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Norwegian Reissued Mk II

Article about: Morning Gents I came upon this little Gem a few days ago and as most examples of Norwegian reissues I see come up for sale are either near mint or in unissued condition this particular helme

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    Hi Greg it was sold to me as such because of the remnants of the decal on the front or has the hole helmet been miss identified.

    Regards Mark K

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    Mark, I know my eyesight is long past its best, but try as I might I cannot see *any* remnants of decal. In any event, Norwegian helmets of this period had their insignia on the sides rather than front (rampant lion holding an axe, within a shield, topped by a crown), except for the Sivilforsvaret (equivalent to ARP) which did have a frontal decal of stylised bombs falling on a battlement, but those helmets are a very distinctive and highly visible yellow (can be Mk2s of various kinds, British Civil protection helmets, Swedish m21, or even the comparatively rare Norwegian M31 baltic type). I have a feeling that whoever sold you this was just making a guess.

    Mind you, I think you have a good purchase - something definately interesting.

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    Thanx Greg discussing helmets with you has been very educational ie...there is the remnant of a decal image 1-3 and it is apparent having it in hand it was a shield at one time I will try and take a better picture today sorry for the delay in replies I am at work laying under a loader working on a rear end dam planitary gears are piled up ..
    Ps Iam really pleased with the helmet and just fell in love with the well worn patina it is an Interesting example thank you for sharing your knowledge with us
    Regards Mark k

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    Well, learnt something today, great thread. Thanks.

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    I have managed to take some daylight photos of the decal but will not be able to post them till this evening thanks to all that have replied

    Regards Mark K

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    Ooh ohh ohh! I see the decal, finally! I just stared at the pics in a sen-style untio something appeared. (Should I have better things to do with my life - perhaps...). Well, actually, I can make out the outline of a shield in pics 1 and 3, though other than that I have no idea what it might be. I have to admit that is *is* more or less the same shape and even size as a Norwegian decal, though why it might be on the front rather than the sides, I have no idea. This makes it even more baffling - I have no doubt that it is Greek liner, but a shield shaped decal on a Greek helmet...?

    Other than the straw-grasping idea that is a Norwegian shell (with unusual decal application) married to a Greek liner, by hands unknown, I am running out of solutions here. Anyone got anything to offer?

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    Hi Greg I am glad you can see the decal thought I was loosing what is left of my sanity
    sorry Greg it is hard for me to reply with any great description from work some times but the decal looked to me to be Norwegian when I compared it to others

    Regards Mark K

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    Gents these were the best photos I could take today of the decal as seen in the new images you can just make out the remnants of sharp black lines in only a few key locations on the inside of the shield near the bottom center and right hand side .
    I have included a few images for comparison if any of the owners want them removed please just contact me .

    Regards Mark K
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picture 2338.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 2341.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picture 2343.jpg 
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    Right then, I've done what I should have done in the first place instead of relying on memory. Referring to Anders Skotte's excellent little book COLLECTORS GUIDE TO SCANDINAVIAN MILITARY HELMETS - DENMARK AND NORWAY I find that Skotte indicates that it is perfectly possible to find British Mk2 shells with the lion decal at the front!

    Now I must say that from observation of actual helmets and photos I would say that it is comparatively rare, and that our expectation of the decals to be on the sides only is justified, as after paging through Skotte and Marzetti and Casques de Combat I think I can reasonably say that the *only* helmet where there's a possibility - not a regular ocurrence - of the decal being on the front is the British Mk2. And beyond that, the *only* illustration I can find in any book or website of a Mk2 with a lion decal on the front is in Skotte. Bloody hell.

    Moreover - and this may well confirm your shell as being Norwegian - Skotte mentions the helmets (referred to as M1936) as being painted brown.

    Well. We're back in it again then, here. I remain convinced that the liner is Greek. I am now happy to believe the shell is Norwegian. How did these two get together?!?!?!

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    Thank you for all the time and research you have spent on this Greg I have really enjoyed the discussion surrounding this Mk II I think up to this point we have been dealing with the easy part .
    Identifying this helmet ie... ( the shell )

    And now the hard part trying to figure out how this liner ended up in this particular Mk II I do think that we may find that this question may never be answered as I can not find any reference to Greek component ever being used by the Norwegians in post war helmets .
    And now wonder if we have been looking at this in the wrong context what if this Norwegian Mk II shell ended up being used in the service of the Greek military instead it is a we bit of an enigma
    I do feel that there is no forced wear on the exterior of this shell and the patina was honestly earned through real usage and again goes back to why I originally purchased this helmet as I had never seen a Norwegian reissue with this kind of extensive wear before and found it to be an extremely interesting example .

    Regards Mark K

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