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Norwegian Reissued Mk II

Article about: Morning Gents I came upon this little Gem a few days ago and as most examples of Norwegian reissues I see come up for sale are either near mint or in unissued condition this particular helme

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    I am sure you are right, Mark. There are so many possible reasons why this apparent mismatch of shell+liner could have happened that it would be unrealistic to prefer one over the other.

    Mind you, I do rather fancy the idea that someone somewhere - militaria dealer, army surplus store, even a collector - simply had a quantity of liners and shells and just put them together with no thought for accuracy. The world will never know. (Somewhere out there will be a Greek shell with a Norwegian liner....maybe.)

    Anyway, good fun, excercise for the brain and eyes, its what makes helmet collecting interesting.

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    Indeed sir again many thanks for your help as I love to collect things a little one off for the lack of a better phrase I am positive we shall be having a few more discussions as time goes by lol..

    Regards Mark K

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