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Article about: Hi all, does any one have any info on these lids?? The only info I could find out was that they were produced in a tin can factory in Auckland NZ and that the liner was made by a suitcase ma

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    Thanks guys for your feedback and nice FIRE example Mad Mick...I will be looking out for one of these to sit alongside my Wardens lid.
    Meanwhile heres another EPS helmet from my collection. This one is of different construction to my Wardens example. The Liner is riveted to the crown instead of a nut and bolt and the chinstraps have no bales and are riveted directly to the sides. The liner and chinstrap is of a canvas type material. There are no maker marks to be found.
    Also stenciled to the inner brim is RLY EPS. Despite some research I have as yet been unable to discover what RLY stands for. Any clues would be appreciated.
    Thanks Jason
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    It might stand for Railway EPS ?

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    A very interesting thread on subject I suppose most of us would never even think about let alone have much knowledge.

    UK Civil defence etc lids were made of lesser specification steel than combat helmets. Is it the same with the NZ and Australian items?
    Also, as most collectors know the CD or "Non Combat" MkII lids in UK were identified by holes according to steel type drilled in the brim. Was there a similar system with these or was it just the configuration of liner etc that told the difference?



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    The Civil Defence Helmets in Australia were the same as Combat Helmets,issued by the government to the relevant arms of the ARP,all made by Commonwealth Steel Pty Ltd.They didnt have the holes in the brim to indicate the steel grade.Although one difference was that Combat Helmets were usually Sand Camo finished and Civilian were smooth finished,but not exclusively.
    The difference with the NZ Hardleys helmet is they were privately made and sold.
    I have not come across an Australian private maker.
    Cheers Mick

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    Hi again Mick. Yes a big thanks for that. I did wonder about that as when when I was researching the abbreviation RLY railways did come up but I couldnt find anything actual with RLY EPS. Anyway it fits and until proven otherwise im going with Railway Emergency Precaution Service Helmet. Cheers mate

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    Hi there, i stumbled across this while trying to find info on a Hardleys helmet I got today. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what "WORKS" mite identify this helmet as. it's been a bit neglected but still a lovely old helmet in my opinion.

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    If its like in Australia,Works would probably stand for State Works Department ie.Housing and Public Works.

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