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Painted Helmets

Article about: hell. why not if it trips your trigger. looks good.

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    Default Painted Helmets

    Hey everyone. I decided to try my hand at painting helmets to appear WW2 and I was hoping to get some input on them. I've done two so far. The first one is based off of a Band of Brothers helmet with a NCO bar on the back. The other is a medic helmet. Let me know what yall think.

    Painted Helmets Painted Helmets

    Painted Helmets

    Painted Helmets

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    The spade, "follow me" bar and medic insignia all look ok...

    Maybe it's just the screen that I'm looking at these photos with... But if you're going to paint helmets to look WW2, you'll need to start with the proper shade of green and texture. As they stand (and I apologize in advance if it is my screen), they look like Vietnam era lids that were clearly messed with.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    Close. They're actually Korean surplus helmets. I did my best to get as close to the original OD Green as I could. Closest I could find was Deep Forest Green. The medic one was the toughest one.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    I don't like helmets painted to be something they are not.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    They aren't meant to decieve anyone. They're meant to be like reenactment peices or as a tribute for what a soldier might've done during the war, not items to make a buck off of.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    hello BS not sure if its my computer as its hard to tell but have you added any texture ie sand or cork to the paint for the period look ,regards james

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    Yes I did. I added the drt and scratches after I finished painting them to give a combat used look.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    I agree with Steve . If you do this you should mark them as repro or what you did to them in paint on the inside so somewhere down the line people dont think its the real thing. Gary

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    I don't see anything wrong with doing long as they arnt being sold on eBay as period items. I don't think that's why you did this. Hell, if I were to re enact, I sure as heck wouldn't wear period helmets! I'd use a decent substitute.

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    Default Re: Painted Helmets

    Exactly. I had a captain's helmet made for when I did paintball too. The only part of the helmets I did not tamper with was the inside. They're still the same light green the Korean model helmets were.

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