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post war civil helmet ?

Article about: just to share this unusual zuckerman style resin laminated helmet ,this style is more reminicent of the us m1 liner in manufacture ,the shell is embossed texolex ,would this be an american s

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    thanks for the info jake ive just researched the msa skullguard you mention ,its the same helmet i wonder if built under licence in britain ?steve this fits into my area of collecting ,i recently picked up this old pulpware mining helmet ,it was to fit in with my homefront helmets it too has a similar zuckerman style liner and does have a mounting bracket ,ive looked over the first helmet and it has nothing to mount a spotlight ,which you would expect to see on a mining helmet ,perhaps it was only used above ground post war civil  helmet ?post war civil  helmet ?post war civil  helmet ?post war civil  helmet ?

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    Just going off the beaten track a bit James,Msa had there own labortories and were pioneers in many fields including being one of the original 3 companies that put forward 600 examples of the then new Resin high pressure M1 Helmet Liner,the others being Inland and of coarse Westinghouse,also made the M2 facemask for the M2/M3/M4/M5 gas mask series,still going after 105 years,I agree your Helmet is deffo for work above ground and maybe used in other industries to where safety was paramount.

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    great info there jake all of which i wasnt aware of so thanks mate ive got a westinghouse liner somewhere amongst the pile ,maybe i should trim off the offending rim and place under an m1 shell seriously though im glad you think it could be for use above ground too ,its profile would be quite clumbersome down a mineshaft ,perhaps it was for a site chargehand or whatever the correct terminology was for the gaffer back in the day ,i like the info regarding the gassies too ,when you say facemask do you mean some sort of resin former for the rubber coating ?

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    No mate the actual rubber construction masks themselves,Firestone too made them,bet you didn't know that either,also MSA made oxygen masks for the USAF during ww2.............Remember many companies produced in lots of differant military items,Inland also made the M1 carbine as well as Helmet Liners.

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    that really is a fascinating insight jake so thanks ,i was aware of firestone manufacturing the gassies which to me makes perfect sence ,who else better when rubber was concerned, i know this only on the basis of having one of there gassies myself ,other than that i might not have known,the denny net you sent me really does compliment my relic m1 post war civil  helmet ?

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    Here's an old forum pic of an M3 diaphragm which sadly I don't own either anymore,anyway this was an MSA mask........
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture post war civil  helmet ?  

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    A very unusual and collectable helmet James, I have never seen one like it before so many thanks for posting this example up

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    thanks gary .it was a new one on me too ,yet i just had to make the purchase ,probably because it was a little different from the norm ,thanks for looking

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