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RCAF WW2 Flying Helmet - What do I have?

Article about: Today I acquired this helmet and oxygen mask combination from a friend, who inherited it from his father. I recognize the helmet as a second-pattern RCAF Type C, but the mask is something I'

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    Quote by Lurch View Post
    I would go with the PBY as the Canadians did have a good few of them and it would require an intercom for comms to the rear
    Thanks. I'm leaning this way, too, but am still not sure this switch is intercom related. Could just be an on / off switch for the voice activated microphone in the mask, and not only just for an intercom system.

    Does anyone have a list of wartime RCAF stores reference numbers? There are two of these numbers on the switch - 10H/3697 and 10H/3696. Knowing what these bits were called might shed some light on what they did...

    RCAF WW2 Flying Helmet - What do I have?

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    Here is a thought.
    I know from working Avionics Comm. on military aircraft that there is a HOT MIC switch. This allows for continuous communication with out hitting the PTT (PUSH To TALK)switch. If it is that mode of operation it would give constant transmit without having to use the PTT.(Long uninterrupted communication)
    I would have to take a meter to it to check continuity to the plug(I know ours/ Not UK) to see which tip or ring it is giving continuity to when the switch is in the ON position.. I know on my Air Traffic Control radio's CM /200 that shorting pin's H&J together on the connector pin's causes my Transmitter to go into transmit ON mode. That is how I test mine when doing PM's on them using my test setup jig.

    This configuration would now not limit you to just Crew served Aircraft!!

    An easy way to tell is if: You have a multimeter (Continuity/resistance) and does someone know the wiring configuration of the UK/Commonwealth Comm plug??

    Once again , Just a Thought. This could also be an intercom set up. But seeing what that switch actually does will give you the answer to those 2 options.

    Semper Fi
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    I just received a reply from Brian Rempel, at HistoricAir, who is a bit of an expert on Canadian flight gear. He says that the switch WAS for the intercom system in a crewed aircraft, and that this helmet / mask / switch set is known to have been used in RCAF coastal patrol aircraft in Canada and overseas. So, the Canso theory is looking very likely. Brian was also kind enough to include this fantastic photo of a nearly identical setup:

    RCAF WW2 Flying Helmet - What do I have?

    Hope you find this of interest!

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    Good Deal!
    It's very nice he did send along a pic with it being worn.

    Semper Fi

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