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Real or Fake helmet?

Article about: Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice please regarding a helmet I bought years ago when I must have been about 12 (28 now). I was in France doing the Normandy tour with my father and

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    Hi Sox,

    Sorry to say that your liner above is not a genuine piece, a repro.

    Here are the points:

    - Sweatband is a repro example.
    - A washers are more like Euro/Middle-eastern style. Triangular buckle strap added afterwards.
    - There is no such thing as a Firestone M2. Only "Westinghouse" and "Inland" liners made M2's.

    The nape strap look original from the photo.

    Just my opinion, will let other members to add more info.


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    Hi Sox, many thanks for supplying close up shots of the liner and agree it is a shame that the liner has been messed with, I have a similar one which I bought many years ago in good faith, my liner is a post war Belgium and to the untrained eye ( at the time my eye was very untrained) it looks very realistic.

    I think it is safe to say the liner is an M2 repro, but for display purposes and with the 6th Of June only day's away it is a good representation of what the Gi's wore in Normandy, thanks again for taking the time to post more pictures up it has helped everyone to give an honest appraisal, which I hope will enable you to be more confident in the provenance of your example

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