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senior fireguard zuckerman cph

Article about: just to share this two banded zuckerman ,i already have a single black banded fireguard so im guessing this would be the wearers superior ,im now wondering if there is a third banded helmet

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    Hi James once in a blue moon you will see them listed here on E-Bay for sale and are very probably either bring backs from the UK after the war and or are part of a collection that is being liquidated I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one a must for a Brit Commonwealth collection would not be complete with out at least one example.

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Nice addition James, there were three band versions of this, if you have it there is picture on page 105 'Put That Light Out' by Mike Brown, I'll scan it and see how good it comes out.
    I've never seen one but I've seen a few MKIIs with three bands and have one in my collection, it think most of the senior levels would have been re-assignments from the Wardens or Fire Service and repainted their helmets.

    There are also white helmets with no's never ending....I had loads at one point because I couldn't say 'no' a car boot sale prices but sold most off when I moved. I've only ever seen one in the US, it had no liner and was laughably expensive.

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    hi steve and many thanks for your help on this one ,there is one thing for sure ,you certainly know your headgear so its always a treat when you comment great to hear you have a brit mk11 in your collection too so there is a plain white one to collect as well where will it end if you could post that picture i would be most grateful ,ive tryed searching the web but to no avail ,regards james

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    Zuckerman's in abundance in the UK,hardly any over the pond and vice versa with the Kelly Helmet...........
    With Regards Jake.

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    thanks mark ts good to get feedback on there availability outside of the uk can i ask when they do become available are they snapped up and do they command a fair price ?,jake i hear what your saying ,its like the us civil defence helmets ,we never see them over here in britain a great deal ,i did have one but passed it on to another collector of purely us headgear

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    Hold the phone James i'm a collector of purely US Headgear,must have got lost in the post again.............
    With Regards Jake.

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    James, thanks for the kind words, although there are certainly more people on the forum better experienced than me to make comments.

    Here are the pictures of my Ďno-banderí, it an M, stamped 7 1941, manufacturer looks like BAMB but the M and B are difficult to read, liner is CC&S 6 3/4 , 1941.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0874.jpg 
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ID:	824899

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0875.jpg 
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ID:	824900

    Deviating from the title, here are some photos of my MkII 'no-bander', shell is stamped 1/1939 EC.(the remaining letters are under the chinstrap lugs), T561. Liner 7, JCS&W Ltd, I, 1939. Itís definitely been marked up as something else in an earlier life but I canít make out what.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0876.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0877.jpg 
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    Quote by Tinhat View Post
    if you have it there is picture on page 105 'Put That Light Out' by Mike Brown, I'll scan it and see how good it comes out.
    I'm not sure how legal it is but I took a photo from the book, it's a good book if you are interested in ARP in general.

    This is a great photo, although looks a bit like casting for a spin off of Dad's Army, you can see a large variety of the senior FG helmets.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCF0878.jpg 
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    Here is the best enlargement of the three band 'Zuckerman' I could get.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FGS.jpg 
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Size:	153.1 KB 
ID:	824913


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    credit when due steve you have a broad knowledge of a wide range of headgear from all periods in time which is benificial to world helmet collectors like myself .ive had to learn the hardway on the rights and wrongs but once bitten twice shy regarding your helmets there both very nice examples so thanks for taking the time to post these up the zuckerman is real nice and i admit the first ive ever seen of a plain white bandless type, the repainted mk11 you show is also very interesting ,i have only one repaint ,a chief warden which was formally stretcher party issue stretcher party overpainted leader warden mk11 im sure you have no intention of ever finding out what lies beneath your nice example ,thanks james

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    great referance picture steve they really did cram in that third band ,it just sits so high up on the crown ,jake the us civil defence helmet was sent on to andy aj40 ,you might remember it was a bright red example ,im sure it was reissued to a fire department as ive only ever seen white examples ,thanks james

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