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Unknown French Helmet

Article about: I picked this up this summer at a flea market for next to nothing. I know it is French but not sure for what? At first I thought it might be a dispatch riders helmet, but now I am not sure?

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    Thanks everyone for all the great info. It appears to be nothing really that special, but you never know.
    I will put it on the shelf with my other helmets with a note about the info gathered here.
    I think I might like to get a French flaming bomb to put on the front though to dress it up a bit.

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    Yep it is the model 19. For tanks and armored units. Color, rivets, comb it all matches just missing the front leather and rear metal.
    Thanks everyone for the links.

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    This is an interesting one, I don't think it is an m19, it doesn't have the hole for the rivet of the leather pad. What is interesting is that the edge has been turned over to create a smoother edge, all be it very roughly, this part was normally turned out to secure the portions of the front and rear visors. if it was simply a case of the visors coming off then they would still be flared out.

    This points to the visors being removed for a reason and the helmet modified afterwards. It could be a very early helmet for tank troops, the book I have clearly states that these modifications were done in the field until the m15 Artillery Special was manufactured.
    There is no real way of proving but I would certainly rather have the helmet with the question than not have it.

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