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Unknown WW2 Helmet

Article about: by Ben Evans We used to have to tie strips of sandbag to ours for cam and to break up the outline of the helmet, it looked like a sandbag wig, only problem is for a laugh the lads used to li

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    Its a pitty the old english langue editions of Militaria Magazine are not available as from memory there was a very good article in one of these on this type of helmet.

    Brown was offically discontinued for vehicles and other equipment in early 1944 (March?) but supplies would have continued to have been used up whilst available. I have one with a war-time dated liner and what appears to be the original very dark green, but different manufactures used diffferent finishes at different times.

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    Interesting point on the rivet positions on each side. Apparently, the WW2 Mk3 (the first version of this lid) had the rivets higher up. But it made it unstable when carrying water. So they moved the rivets down for the Mk4. Bit of turtle helmet trivia there.

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    That's a nice P-44 "Turtle Shell" Helmet, I believe it was first issued to men of the British Commonwealth forces during the Normandy Landings.. This looks Korean War to me, but i'm not sure.

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