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us marine ???? cananyone help

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    Default us marine ???? cananyone help

    got this today can anyone give me any info on this.. thanksus marine ???? cananyone helpus marine ???? cananyone helpus marine ???? cananyone help

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    US?looks like an early Brit MK2 pre 1940 with those chinstrap loops,can't see the marine connection..........

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    it has u s n painted under the star

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    Not sure what else I can add really,I can't see any reason why a British or Canadian made Helmet would end up in the US Armed Forces when they had plenty of M17A Kelly Helmet between 1938-1942,phased out and replaced by the M1 in april 1942,but anythings possible i guess,hope someone has an answer for you,good luck.............

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    didn't the u.s. use these in ww1

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    Yes they did but that was an M17 Doughboy Helmet which had a leather chinstrap and a doughnut netted type liner where as yours is showing a mk1 chinstrap 1936-1941 and a 2nd pattern cushion paid used from around 1940/41 onwards so without shell stamp markings I cant add anything further.........

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    Somewhat of an enigma, early WWII British MKII with an old looking painted USN emblem. Nothing I can add to what has already been posted.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Definitely not an American lid. There were so many of these
    floating around after WWII that I wouldn't be surprised
    if a US sailor made it as a souvenir.

    The image was done with stencils in two colours - it could
    possibly be some type of parade helmet.........


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    there is an orange ,white and what looks like faded blue paint, im puzzled

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    I would say a Mk.II Canadian lid, notice the paint remaining of the chinstrap lugs, and the shell rim.


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